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Circle around the house stroll up the trails as much as eight-Beijing, in addition to the large surface of things do not move, swept all the valuables, the modus operandi of the skill is simply ridiculous, and even inlaid even purple shade She gave the jewel buckle under a freehand to – either inlay too strong, not the slightest doubt that she will be fully swept away!
thuringiensis around the back table, panting whistling down the next cup of tea to drink. See the weather has been rotten, they call people put out meal – should go rub one meal before you go.
short while, put the rice, the twelve plates, dragon liver chicken legs, everything. She will drive out all the people, large flowers hide a lot faster, and finally it is to eat no more, it will not yet move to open a few hearts beat inventory package, along with stuffed bed down.
Then she drilled back to bed.
woke up again, it is already quite midnight. Thuringiensis deft climb up, tidy clothes, drill two baggage dragged out of bed on his back, turned and waved goodbye Chaoyuan Sheng, then quietly came to the door.
outside two goalkeeper still unshakeable, her through the door, raising his hand to wave, to form a sleeping curse, then openly go out.
Tonight was a cloudy, shadow without a trace, no wind, silent courtyard, shaded by trees, branches staggered, pale lanterns on the promenade from afar, as if the pale little stars, some unreal feeling.
thuringiensis stood panting under the foot of the palace, a pair of eyes darker than the night in the hospital followed by passing scenery, slowly gather up a touch of meditation – where they come in the door?
good, she could not find the door! What
? You said over the wall?
as Cloud Gate little master, Bt is a pity face, even then follow the scourge of southern twelve Fu Master, let people go bankrupt overnight when she walked in the door, this time you get her over the wall ?
Su Yunsi to go, Yan Palace on the door is a little impression did not. She gave up thinking, surrounded by walls running back and forth three or four laps, and ultimately did not find even a corner gate.
thuringiensis swore mother, severely breathe a two-tone, will shoulder the burden to take a ride, ready – over the wall!
So, people have to know how to work in that being the case, as long as the benefits outweigh the costs, pay the price is worth it. Yan in the wall of the palace with her face Lord Cloud Gate little contrast, there is no doubt that she chose the former – Heidengxiahuo, who knows she thuringiensis over the wall?
Of course, this has to be a word,canada goose jackets, no worries there is life there is hope.
thuringiensis suddenly felt, in fact, he is very knowledgeable, capable of replication or at least some.
thuringiensis Chou Chou around the quiet trees and flowers, insects chirping sound, the wall to the bottom of the dark, the air flow is not even a trace, this lifted the skirt, a knot at the waist, ready to come up with an early toss set up the rope on the wall, and then climbs the walls began to climb!
one, two, three …… appeared to be to the wall, she suddenly felt bad body strength, hand slipped, fell down on his back.
“Woo ……” She can not move, rubbing his ass for a long time, in the eyes of tears shining in the moonlight, “sore ……”
her magic never recovered forcibly peep Yuan Sheng numerology, the body has suffered serious losses, finally Shuiliaoyitian, raising a little strength, which the child and ran around the walls were several, under exhaustion, fell down almost become inevitable.
if smart, knows that being the case, the moment certainly will not waste any more time, obediently go back again to seek other ways to recharge your batteries, or can be, but there is an almost thuringiensis stubborn temper, the more able to fulfill things, the more she wants to challenge it – and, perhaps she is not bad luck, this temper in her life in the past, have brought her numerous surprises, however, there is always good luck runs out, it does not -
“ah -”
“plump -”
thuringiensis has made a freefall, this did not immediately climb, but staring at the wall to expose the horror of a human face, forgot to speak -
face angular, sharp domineering, a pair of black eyes as faint pools of silence, in the dark of the night chill exudes awe-inspiring, Yuan Sheng, who is not?
Yuan Sheng in thuringiensis when he got up to go out with, who knows this little woman before scurrying around, followed a circular motion around the side walls, and finally, even to climb the wall up!
Yuan Sheng looked around the walls thuringiensis turn, are anxious for her to feel, how stupid people there are in this world? No way around this is always half turn, can not turn out a door?
had looked at her to climb the wall, Yuan Sheng also secretly relieved, but also not hopeless,cheap canada goose, even know it another way, who knows, she even fell down!
“silly?” Yuan Sheng jump along the wall, frowning, raising his hand shook in her eyes.
“You, you,canada goose outlet, you …… you turned out to be alive!” This is simply an insult to her surgery industry.
she looked up, I saw a man ink robe, long body Yuli, eyes Lengran, the people seem a sword scabbard, Fengrui sharp, strong and full of predatory, inexplicable heart will rise a touch of panic.
Yuan Sheng heard that, Qinghei face piece: “What did you say?”
“Oh …… Oh ……” thuringiensis watching Yuan Sheng giggle, while slow-motion Paipaipigu stood up, then stand up quickly after it is turned toward the run.
Yuan Sheng eyebrows Weicu Houjin long arm stretched grabbed her, pulled one of her turned around, and as Bacillus turned around, her skirt a casual, in the night sky like a flower blooming lotus, exposing the inside of jade blue coat.
thuringiensis directed Yuan Sheng, blow up on the pound: “rogue!”
Yuan Sheng did not expect this, under a moment thuringiensis fist has come to the front, he was busy raising his hand a block, a large palm wrap thuringiensis little fist toward the front of a pull, then a staggering fall into thuringiensis his arms.
two body phase stickers, warmth when I look into their hearts, they all stared for a time, a long while, the two talents as a shock, slammed separately.
thuringiensis heart jump badly, nose still haunted by the man who sadly sandalwood quiet atmosphere, to speak her mind blank while, afraid to look down casually over her skirts Yuan Sheng.
suddenly separated, Yuan Sheng feel the embrace cool down, a trace of warm hearts also instantly take away, Mouzhong help flashed a loss.
his depressed mood hearts crest, scowled, Chen Sheng asked: “middle of the night, climbing walls do what?”
thuringiensis suddenly hear asked, reflex-like way: “! moon.”
“Tonight cloudy day!”
thuringiensis looked up, the sky dark, where the shadow of the moon ……

06 Chapter cat lives
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thuringiensis hazy Tongmou rare hint of embarrassment. Mark? Ba? Dawn. Remember this site
Yuan Sheng sit and wait, to see how she was planning to say his round back, all of a sudden, he strikes eyes flashed, you see thuringiensis already raised his head, revealing a touch of misty Tongmou the wolf-like stare Yinhen his teeth: “If you dare tell anyone I over the wall, I’ll tell people you are sick!”
Yuan Sheng did not answer, a pair of raw cold wind around Heimou not detect flashed a few stunned, lips unconsciously drawn dong two, fundus Yangchu a touch of meaningful – she really is …… dare!
Yuan Sheng xingmou sank, cold cold touch of flash, cold Chen Sheng said: “You threaten me?” all this time, she turned out to be tangled people know her over the wall thing?
eyes pale slender girl, not tall and his shoulders. Mottled shadows of the night, she formed her jet-black hair with a rope a bunch of loose in the back, shoulder a big burden it seems to overwhelm her, messy clothes, skirts were tied in the corner of the waist, exposing the inside Sahua wide leg trousers, a pair of tiny legs feet under cover, appears to be more exquisite and lovely.
obviously very weak presence, but people do not feel a trace of vulnerability, and that endless dirty dress, look in the eyes is a rare whims free and easy.
Yuan Sheng staring eyes slowly faded thuringiensis that layer of cold chill, under cover of darkness, a touch of dignified inquiry, but as Fengrui straight blade stabbing thuringiensis – two Miss stability palace, how may be so?
“You are Zhao tassels?”
Yuan Sheng’s voice filled with cold strong force people to force Zhizhirenxin. Even though in the end always rogue thuringiensis, loaded silly ridicule inertia selling, listen to this, can not help but shivers to speak, to be exported, then all stuck in the throat, and instantly forgotten action -
Master said was right, this man, too dangerous …… obviously simple enough word, he asked via exports perfunctory words can make people do not say it.
thuringiensis are wondering how to answer this question, he can safely pass, Yuan Sheng suddenly a Lanzhu her waist. She exclaimed too late, a big hand he covered her mouth until she could react, the two men have landed on the wall.
thuringiensis shock, leaning on the wall and looked down, he saw several discredit shadow flashed, Chaoyuan Sheng Qianning homes away. the
heart thumped thuringiensis, which few people over, she did not notice at all is because of the spiritual power never recovered, or changed the body, even their alertness has vanished?
subconsciously clenched her hands, palms sweat oozes oozing layer of fine.
just this trance, the distance has been rising from a fire, darkness into the sky, blink of an eye, has seen tease cloud trend.
thuringiensis looking at the sky fire, eyes flashed a golden glow – it was the location of the hospital rather dry, is directed at those who are Yuan Sheng go?
“Look at your to blame!” Yuan Sheng Senleng sound in her ears.
“I blame?” thuringiensis moment, suddenly smiling to see the Yuan Sheng, fundus but it is still a haze, people did not recognize her true thoughts, but also very lazy Jiaohan.
She then lazy and said: “That is your charm is not enough!”
her unspoken words: If you are big enough charm, Zhao Yi Hua willing to kill you?
those who turned out to be Zhao Yi Hua sent. Just because the day with her own tit, she can not stand to be murdered? Also even with already “live long” a meta-Sheng?
surname as Wang Sheng Yuan, is a member of Chu-day war, but for someone acquiescence, Zhao Yi-hua mere identity of a small Xiaojun Zhu, how dare so to act?
thuringiensis lips hoist a slight hint of sarcasm, revealing a hint of mist under the fundus absolutely ruthless sharp pain.
At this time, Yuan Sheng seemingly casual finger across her wrist, and then threw her, trying to dodge away towards Qianning hospital.
Sue Yunwo in his arms, mocking the curvature becomes large lips, eyes revealing a hint of glistening smile – Yuan Sheng was testing she has no martial arts it!
Yuan Sheng took her Qianning homes nestled in a lush tree Indus, across the dense foliage, she saw flames soaring into the sky, as if the fire burn all the HL industry, the rapid spread of the hospital all Qianning houses, that transpiration thin smoke curl in the dark night sky proliferation, as if ferocious devil.
suddenly – “meow ……”
burning flames came the shrill cat called twice.
thuringiensis suddenly taut body, a pair of no significant emotional eye in the fog cleared, revealing a strong fears, she bitterly cursed: “Damn!”
voice hardly ever, toss her sleeves, a black belt wraps practicing branches, then, a swing of her stature, like a Bai Liansheng open, straight toward the flames to go down -
thuringiensis action at one go, under Yuan Sheng Yi Leng did not have time to stop, this time to see her fall to the center of the flames, his brow wrinkled up tightly, a little hesitation, he also followed.
ablaze, sweltering, parched skin, Bacillus Yi Mei is hot-filled sky, no wind automatically, as if the flames from marching lotus fairy.
she did not care about the flame burning, slim stature runs in flames, the flexible beam to escape the flames coming from down the wood, mouth anxiously called to: “Death, Death ……”
Yuan Sheng catch up when her clothes were covered with a black hole of a burned out, face several discredit gray, red eyes, but never bright, she anxiously run in the fire, looking for something: ” their lives, their lives, come out! “
“meow ……”
Suddenly, a cat called twice with joy came out of a huge black cat from the flames stout, straight toward her pounce.
Yuan Sheng Yixianzhixia, Mangjiang she opened – black steady live stature, once flew a positive burning on a wooden beam, issued a tragic cry: “Meow ……”
thuringiensis cheeky delight, poke Yuan Sheng cat ran on that step, while still anxiously worried shouted: “Death, Death, are you okay?”
cat faint “meow” twice, green eyes Resentment timid glance Yuan Sheng, snuggle up to lean toward thuringiensis: “meow!”
“You are not to blame me come with you?”
cat staring green eyes glistening indictment: “! meow meow”
“Well, well, then I will never leave you! so can cool down?”
“You said you wanted? blue sky recognize the new owner, do not you?”
four weeks flaming combustion, the temperature of the hot air people breathe, but up, and which a cat person, but immersed in the joy of reunion, forget the danger on the side.
Yuan Sheng see one person, one cat had a long talk in flames in posture, expression revealing a touch of impatience Leng Chen: “! do not go, do not go out.”
thuringiensis answer yet, Yuan Sheng has a hold her up, at the foot of wind, dodged, flames and ran with her toward the outside.
lives screamed, but also immediately followed.
In this way, both in the open in front, behind a black cat panic followed, a Youguangshuihua black hair was burned to pieces, find any.
“meow ……”
with black cat dying cry, both a smooth cat out of the flames.
lives a lie toward the ground, who also braved the smoke, it is no longer up.

07 Chapter toffee funeral
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Chapter VIII toffee funeral
“Quick, quick fire …… Come on!” outside
fire, a few girl leaning toffee stumbled into the Qianning courtyard, behind there is a public buckets, holding basin retainers Pufu. Mark? Ba? Dawn. Remember this site
“King children, my poor child …… you if something happens in the future I can how to face your father?”
“I do not live, we went to two Wives forget ……”
toffee a dark gold Begonia silks, outside dressed in crow blue cape, gold-tin step shake his head swayed a bright light flickering firelight. She cried hoarse, surrounded by the crowd rushed.
“Oh ……” thuringiensis watching this scene, in Yuan Sheng arms to laugh, and then, the sound is sunk down, with a smoky dull slowly, “complained to the! so fast! “
Unexpectedly, Yuan Sheng Listen to this, looking sank, changed hands a song, it mercilessly whipped her go towards the ground.
thuringiensis subconsciously covered his head, waiting for the pain coming from the floor -
“meow ……”
beneath a soft, envisioned no pain came, came a burst of fierce cat called.
thuringiensis eyes, to see their lives lying next to her body, revealing only the head and a constantly swinging tail, claws being screamed. It turned out that critical juncture, is a Mengzi tie to their lives under her body, blocking her intimate contact with the earth.
thuringiensis simmering xiaokan to Yuan Sheng, Sheng fundus like to see the dollar also contains a faint smile, a pair of glowing if the coldness of the dark Tongmou good obsidian, Nama light to the extreme smile embellishment, like ice crystals, bright light, people are not opening the eyes move

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Yes, but sometimes no clue.
Joe Jue waited a moment, Tip said:. “the emperor, it’s your turn.”
Murong  l picks up a piece, a look at the chess game, can not help but hesitated. I saw black and white, according to the respective circle to have stabilized, no Lazi land. The game of chess, torn is finished. This has several sub
They do not want to Murong  l Central Plains a sunspot circle looks sharp, Joe Jue’s only albino corners of the earth, showing a complete disadvantage, but the actual number of them actually evenly divided. Plus Murong  l Zhihei child first, before removing the child a head and a half, was actually just a tie.
Murong  l Jue Joe had just been recalled thin air, then think recovery disk, found him to disrupt his own words, took the opportunity to stick a few sub, while they are not prepared, ate two sons, two sons and that the key is flat.
her chess pieces to fling box, said:. “Gong Qing’s son means everyone is commendable, it really is better to see for oneself but this famous chess game into a tie, Zhenbu move you can not put people”
Joe Jue said: “Let Xiang Caomin thank the emperor proposed Caomin of this life effectively.” Yan Bi resign.
Murong  l looked at him holding chess box, Xiao Ran away, underground passage this person is indeed a courageous have real abilities, but unfortunately not in the right place scholarship.
Sui Ming Palace paternity Zhangdeng, go to the temple to see Huachun house arrest that person.
that she did not want to see the defectors also live here, and she does not want to meet with him, they were in open, etc., only to hear the whispers among garrulous, and sandwiched between the laughter, the scenery is very charming. Thanks to clever around the Palace of paternity, sent a thick crust multicolored GUANYAO not eggshell porcelain ice, or we would have more ten also taught her shape into powder.
waited a moment, the man had just come out MEP However, she smiled and bowed saw, never touches the slightest confusion.
Murong  l Prior to this, the hearts of all sorts of thoughts difficult decision, just saw the man again, lazy at the moment to see her tired appearance, heart suddenly from evil, how come this person relying, dare headland in his wildly! Do we really think that they could not move her?
simply smiled and feel just like the low-pressure, simply grinning just told her own successful test of a new cookbook, and guessed that she would see her today, so she left a taste test.
Then they handed him a snack, I saw a thick pancakes sandwiched between two thin ham, fresh vegetables, more blood-red sauce thick a beach.
see her cheeky doubt, the man smiled and said:. “my dessert called bold Hamburg, which has recognized people dare to eat a delicious”
road and talking nonsense,canada goose outlet, “the ancients had a brave and fierce, military forces generals such as God, he had the poem goes: Hulu aspirations hunger meal of meat, joke Hun blood thirsty to drink the next big chunks of flesh and blood enemies, which is what the heroic courage. ah! “
Murong  l heard her say so, suddenly felt sick before dessert together, going to refuse, was surprised to find her sparkling eyes are laughing, excited by her, then grab a bite to come.
just imported food, mind suddenly sour. Zende still so defenseless, but also unbearable shock, what they listen to what she says, what she would eat anything!
smiled to see her looking different, hand clapping and smiles: “? there’s Hulu meat sticks with rosin Xunde deer hindquarters, which Hun blood is my own jam, what, really good.”
Murong  l see her happy, smiling, chewing it slowly, he nodded. It felt terribly jam acid, the acid from the mouth has to heart.
if life was always weird to hear these words, life eat these weird things ……
mentioning these things she had not done for me, may in the end left a copy to me.
this point, she suddenly Taichetaiwu, some things, after all, can not hold her, to put it away. If the song was late, the only remaining fear even this warmth will be exhausted.
stomach to swallow food, drink some tea,cheap canada goose, she slowly said:. “Joe Jue palace today, I got with the game of chess.”
look Sheung Yuet looking, “he said to himself in his prime, for you out of Lebanon State.”
smile face changed: “absolutely not!”
Murong  l “Oh,” a cry, looked at her and said: “It seems that you really are reluctant to him.”
say, can not help but smile hesitation. She knew Murong  l since their feelings are not like that after a simple, though ostensibly the same time to be with her, but underneath was more wary.
she was afraid he could not bear to direct Joe Cheng Jue, Murong  l acid will also cast against him,canada goose jackets, but if it is against their will say it is not, how can we fool this savvy monarch. Better than a thousand words had a moment silent, obsessed with silent, but my mind was to blame Joe Jue dark privately out of this and other bad idea.
Murong  l waited a moment, seeing that she has always been, without a word, sneered: “You do not have to worry, I will know he is your heartstrings, he will not stay strong.”
relieved smile can not help but hear her and said: “This person scheming, past and deprived of his office on I heart resentment, if left him down, he would certainly find an opportunity to commit suicide, or come up with somethin ‘ , you and I will always stir up strife, I will not be in his account. “
Zhefan idea is presumably what the phrase from Joe Jue leaving “his proposal effectively in this life”, he stressed that he was alive is so effective, that is to say if the dead are not valid on everything, and she was not stupid to give it to him.
moment Murong  l slowly: “I think Lang is useless buckle your husband, your romantic heartless man, see a loved one, will be sad at the moment, although away, but will soon be thrown aside when.”
smiled heart smile, his face was put on a look of shame nodded silently.
“Moreover, others stay strong families, pass out on the fame I do not quite nicely, proton Zhenyao the children inside you begins to pick it.”
smiled suddenly stiff.
“You people with a difference, only caring attention to a man, I would pick you a son.”
smiled incredible watching the emperor looked up, only to find it difficult to breathe.
Murong  l thought then opening “I told Dan Qi in the end game siblings, I stay strong inconvenience to his children, and I have peace with your son is very Xiangde, I would accompany him to leave it.”
smiled big mouth and then not say a word, ears clearly hear the roar of destiny.

life back three more clouds

say then that day is the Mid-Autumn Festival after the second day, the Los Angeles Official Road winds to a team of horses, a single person sitting in a luxury that only black bottle carts and even a full twenty, and the rest took a large object The tall horse, who sat horse, mule laden with luggage is a mighty long list.
Although this coastal city of Los Angeles has the largest port Feng Fu, but local people still rare to see such a large-scale fleet, they have stopped to watch and found that people from the first horses laden air of tall horse appears to Finally, a mule laden past two baskets of fruit, they have a full half a stick of incense in the streets wasted effort. Which is exactly
merchants, there are so generous travel? This puzzled until the pier before they get resolved.
weeks ago, one extremely huge, never seen before, even more than anyone imagined ship, quietly into the Los Angeles harbor, moored in a safe haven, its origin has lead to a variety of speculation . And now, the ship moved to the pier from deck to dock two tall enough to ride the two parallel wooden carriage, quietly waiting for the arrival of its owner.
also stay in the moment in which a car smiled, his head last night with a full moon on the road, leaving a slight hangover because of dizziness, red flowers looked blankly, who commands the ship’s sailors are down handling car debris. While the other side, Ying Xiao Bao Ge small business owners who are in command of those hired groom his mule laden with things to catch the boat.
because the hull is high, erected a wooden hull and the land is very steep, mules have some fear, but Xiao Ying hired a person skilled in driving animals, mule her eyes are kept up, with a special tone to feeding those mules obediently to the board walk, a follow head.
smiled and looked at those who have been blindfolded mule tame appearance, for a time the rise of the species if they are driven into the sea would not know how mischievous mood.
full busy little half hour, bringing all the debris transported considered ready. This smiled lazily down from the car, let the sea winds, I feel very comfortable, a little regret not help but get off early hair.
followed by the Master, she looked at a few each have their own handsome husband each have their own style attracted the attention of all those present, really big old pregnant Chang, I just feel most proud of the things in life than this.
moment not everyone on the boat, and even still recuperate the Yanlan let her personally hold the board, leaving only the pier now evacuated carriage, temporarily hired porters began to coach back in time, those who speak well in advance to give them extra pay. left a smile on
dock a man, she looked back to this land, seems to still be waiting for something.
cul-de really came hooves, smiled his face lighted up, Jizou went up a few steps. The man went straight to the front before she reined in the horses, sitting on horseback, bending slightly Look at her head.
They do not speak, facing a moment, smiled and laughed suddenly opened, “to come! have a person waiting for you too!”
“you’re so relaxed and I will come?”
“not very determined, but I think even if you play a little trick we used to give forget, that’s no problem.”
“Forget mean is, I’m just waiting for you for three days, after three days, you have to look for me, you have to own up to the Lebanese nation.”
he finished, smiled and went before the horse, held out his hand, and softly said:. “or thank you can come, go, Jun-line”
Jun-line dark eyes flashed like a meteor in the light.
floor sunny day smile in return to his Indian jade jade although not unblemished, behind a small seal cracks, can be inserted with a thin blade to pry the two halves. In previous years, this trick has been played two Warrior Lanling palace several times when possession is written in the small print of riddles or jokes, today is a little hidden in the coral? I.
have forgotten the coral? i still feel her on the day, just know that today was re-see old things, that an upsurge of emotion almost swallowed his own. But upon closer scrutiny, they discovered that it was not his original bird, but a new one.
original impression has been annihilated, with the memory of this one exactly, but he is aware that this is not only original, but with the new. Looking back on her torn
a style like, lose to him.
she lost to him, but hold back his original.
a time, Xiangsichengzai.
man how careful arrangements, seeking to get out step by step, he looked in the next, although the man got into the palace, broke his sword, no longer talked after the phrase, but he knew that she was waiting for him .
Moreover, unlike what she said, just waiting for three days.
he knows that if he does not come, she will wait for a lifetime, so he dropped everything to chase it.
smiled until the last man, contented, they join hands to take the boat over there, every step is like stepping on cotton, as above.
unexpectedly just set foot slab, head suddenly burst from Solidago whistling arrow, sharp sound of whining shook people’s ears buzzing.
smile face changed, “Oops, fast boat!”
Jun-way street: “I’m afraid it was too late.”
saw the woods on both sides of the pier suddenly sprang countless soldiers, each hand a bow and arrow, take a full string, dense alignment of the two men to set foot on the ride board.
“often Tutor, please stay behind.” leading officers speaker said: “The emperor came to this and you are going away.”
smiled and said: “How dare a labor emperor trek to the next off, farewell Moreover, in the capital not already passed it?” side of the monarch with a puzzled looked at the line.
Jun-line slowly shook his head. Although smiled when he left Beijing is busy handling retirement procedures, but with his eyes and ears, and even failed to Murong  l of perceived when leaving Beijing.
The officer said: “This is the meaning of the emperor, the emperor always be very thick Tutor, Tutor set is reluctant to travel thousands of miles just both hands, this is how the glory.”
smiled heart endless smile, her fear is slipping through his own real life experience or Murong  l temporarily change his mind, what to be afraid of the moment, and what you bask in the glory of a thousand miles, she was politely declined the invitation.
but see ambush deployment although tight, and if the set of guards on board Lai Wing family, etc., to find people to make a cloud neutron method, nor is it difficult to get out, but she did not want to fight in this last moment Murong  l a slap in the face, do not want to expose their real strength here.
one time stood on the shore can not help but hesitated.
boat people appear bad, have started to go down. Dan Qi ran ahead, ran too fast, his mouth shouted: “?. Imperial sister is not to embarrass you talk to me to stay with her just fine.”
even just up Yanlan Britain also moved ashore unsteadily, said he could make the emperor outlet.
intolerable smiled, cried: “! emperor really want to see you, had not taught you angry mad …… you give me obediently to the cabin alone, a very large deck upper hand” when she saw Yanlan Tutu The poor appearance, words have run out of steam, and finally a very gentle right, I’m afraid the bad fool him.
Dan Qi is another round of expression, “You give me back quickly! then reminisced when not, if you say a few more here, maybe your sister really reluctant to let me go.”
Then they stood on the deck of a glimpse of Shen Bi, Bi-handedly pulled feather in one hand and holding wishful wishful still licking the sugar-coated haws eat whole string. She looked at the quiet expression Shen Bi, the hearts of a wide, the heart, or Shen Bi good, reassuring.
Then Joe Jue disembark to walk slowly, smiled face changed, underground passage, he also came to mix this scene, is not suitable for it. There is a bit afraid of him, afraid to let him go back out loud.
Joe Jue slowly walked down to the two men in front of the monarch line Shou laughed:. “Nice to meet you.”
Jun-line hesitated and then responded with a smile, but retorted:. “heard so much about.”
between the two depending on the pair, creating a sympathetic to the gas field, only smiled at the side wanted to see crazy. Naturally I appreciate you both love each other, but this is an unusual time, ah, surrounded by nearly a thousand arrows pointing swarthy, so you still have feelings?
saw Joe Jue after greeting, smiled and leaned in the ear for a while, then smiled and nodded. Loosen the hand of the king turned to the line and said:. “Jun-line, you should talk to Joe Jue on board, and so you are up, he commanded sail, do not wait for me.”
Jun-way street: “I’m waiting for you on board with you.”
smiled and shook his head:. “convenient”
smiled hesitantly, saw the hand to see the negative side of Joe Jue days, pretending not mind, but conceal eyes smile, think of excuses he said his favorite thing, his face red, his teeth said: “You do not ask, no reason, just want you to be on top waiting for.”
“do not have to.” this trick on Jun-line working, he calmly said: “I come to my stay here will not give you trouble; secondly, the emperor out of Beijing whereabouts secret, I still have bits of guards without the slightest wind, visibility is somewhat preparedness has been for me, I do not need to conceal her whereabouts; three that I still nothing you people, although you want to maintain at me, but I can defend ourselves, the emperor also Unable to vent their anger on me. “
tough tough ah, ah, but that is their own posture assumed parents said something, he should also to three reasons, it is a hard nut to crack.
smiled glimpse of eye Jue Joe laughed again, there is a bit proud of that smile, seemed to say, you have to clash came and begged me ah.
smiled big rolling his eyes in my heart, that the dignity of being the wife of Lord ah!
she bite the bullet, hand holding the hand of the king row, row want to dump monarch, she died a tight grasp, she stared into his eyes focused on the entire soulful eyes, the weight of the situation is extraordinarily low voice deep, as she gazed at him, deep, soulful, slowly, and use dig pit of the stomach tone.
“Jun OK, ah, I’ll let you go first because I could not bear to see you be a little bit of damage, even by a little bit of gas, I’m your mind deeper than this sea, you are more important than my life, you is my …… “
Obviously, she

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. “Xu Zhiwen proud smile, and Cengceng in my neck.

me pushing his big head, but also playing hard is not it, you are OK.
“What else?”
“you declare to Zhangxue Lan night before I deliberately ask you beer on ice?”
“What else?”
“I have attached a coma while you do three?”
unbearable, punch hit his chin.
“You let me say, I confessed and hit you.” Look at his little daughter bullied like I angry and funny.
“how did you and me on a school, a dormitory slept my upper berth?” It’s a strange thing for a long time, and now I do not believe killing is just a coincidence.
“we are destined chanting, red lines have yet to see our little finger.”
“You do not say it, I’m gone.”
“Oh ……” Xu Zhiwen sighed. “I can not find those three years you always want your mind later, I found that I think you because I love you, if we continue to miss it, I think I will regret it forever.”

pull him being my shoulder, face me. “I use my relationship with the family, searched all the city’s high school, found your candidates and your volunteer reported the same school, a dormitory intentional and you, as you spread sleep ……” 许志文 and grinned smiled, “That’s purely coincidental.”

such a big fuss of me, say it is a lie touched. Pulled down his face, his lips lightly printed in the next kiss.
“small Ge?” Xu Zhiwen surprise at me.
“look on your copies today so honest, I’ll try to contact you, but I qualified.”
“good! what conditions I have promised.”
“First, after not allowed to lie to me, or I found out, we immediately bye.”
“Of course, of course, the future will not lie to you, kidding.”
“Second,canada goose outlet, what should listen to me, I will let you east to west you can not.”
“well, no problem.”
“Third, and not apt to cling to me, I’m not used.”
“…… no outsiders into it when you can.”
“Fourth,canada goose jackets, and I’m not allowed to bargain.”
“good ……”
“Fifth, not allowed to interfere with my private affairs, and if I find a girlfriend allowed to hinder me.”
“small …… Ge ……” hear his teeth called me, and I gave him a smile, “how, do not you agree?”
“promise, promise …… promise you anything.” Xu Zhiwen took a deep breath, “that we have to kiss a tokens of it.”
“is not just a kiss.”
“Then how can count to a little warm.”
“I said even count!” Haha, looks like to see him being beaten. “Come on, there are a bunch of curious baby dorm to kill it.”
Xu Zhiwen smiled and took my hand, “they ah,cheap canada goose, I believe they will be casual, no problem.”
turned to look at him, laughing secretly in my heart, is a man so fond feeling really quite good. Perhaps this is the feeling of happiness? After the road is still long, the future of things in the future again, secretly clenched his hands, now, that’s it.


# # # # # # # # # #

# # # # # # # # # #

# # # # # # # # # #

# # # # # # # # # #

Do Xueniu improperly by (online text) BY Chennai Aberdeen
The first chapter

as a physiological sound mental health freshman boys, and if even a stand-alone RPG online games could not tell any difference, it can be said that an endless wonder and sorrow. Happens, we physiological and psychological problems are nothing new leaf new university students, for understanding RPG online games still remain in the pink stage …… The reason is simple, he is busy, since junior high on a person to live, he has maintained a school – working point – home life of this three-point line, so in this immersive online game positions 99% to almost 16 years old (the legal age) to a 80-year-old staff era, new leaves have not played any of the students money online …… The first summer
freshman, returned alone to live a new leaf hut. This semester at school and found the hostel is always inseparable from the topic of online games that he said not that many people play RPG it (the word is used to listen to other people learn back chat), we see the result by the cavemen like strange eyes …… sleep through the whole education shelling baptism, leaves a new determination to rehabilitate anew (dormitory boss’s words), taking advantage of this semester to get a generous scholarship, in the second half to worry about eating and drinking, and use this summer and dormitories with people who play the game to go.
game is dormitory candidates, saying it was just listed, is certain big game company developed very interesting name, called magical, very suitable quarters of people say he was never a version of this magical holiday characters …… the day before the hostel partnership chipped sent a game cartridge and chips to him, patting him on the shoulder was the boss shouted birthday present four years in which the! In a good mood with a smile, the chip is inserted into the slot, coming down the nutrient solution. Leaves full of curious new excitement into the game lying positions.
first sight of a white light, it can not help but think when the new leaves eyes closed, in front of a dark, new leaves are surprised to find themselves standing in a room filled with ornate Gothic style room, just as he was enjoying the room When the scene within a magnetic voice came over, “Please enter your username and password.”
new leaf turned his head, the center of the room do not know when there is a man wearing a robe, are modest at him. “Is this what they said is the boss NPC?” Ye new that excited ah, finally see the legendary NPC, ah!
“correct to say that I was for the players to create a character AI service NPC.” man maintained a perfect smile, “Please enter your player account and password.”
“ah, oh, the account is YEXIN, the password is 1B50812507.” NPC AI NPC is not it? New leaves a little confused.
“Scan successful, the player leaves the new select race.”
“uh …… what are some race ah?” Leaves New embarrassed scratched his head that he was too excited, the instructions did not see it coming, in fact, probably do not understand it looked ……
“magical race someone in the family, half orc, elves, family days, inferno, dwarves, half of which will be based on different races of Orcs and have a greater difference in addition to all of the races have hidden race, Hide race is unique, only by random. “
“uh ……” In fact, said the NPC has been very clear, unfortunately leaves is a new online game almost extinct white, so it is still a loss of status, “Can you talk about what are some of the major races special place ah? “
“Terran is characterized by the ability to more evenly, can become a variety of occupations; half-orc according to different races have different characteristics, the main physical high; elves speed, agility high; higher spiritual power family day at There are bright spells on higher perception; differences and family day inferno inferno perception is higher in the dark spell on; powerful dwarves power “seems to be seen on the leaves of a new online game is very understanding, NPC in his opening. Before asking myself down, “magic in the basic vocational Total: Warrior, Knight, Archer, Assassin, Mage, Priest, blacksmith, in the future there will be more detailed advanced classification in general, the human family. suitable for all occupations; half-orc melee suitable, such as soldiers; Elf suitable agile system, such as archers;-day inferno suitable for family and spiritual lines, such as the Master; dwarf suitable power lines, such as the blacksmith. “
“so ah ……” Ye new start thinking, although he never played it, but it has been listening to the boss, they say, probably still know the point, according to them, this kind of little blood mage, was a play on dead, that is, the blood is very important 1,10? What …… just that half orc is physical high, right? Good! “I want half-orc!”
“half-orc players choose, please adjust the player character appearance.”
large mirror facing the front of the life-sized leaves very serious study a lot, get a hair under 5 centimeters so long ears, behind the head a little longer than some, 刘海刚 better met the eyes, the color is pure white . Thorough amber eyes, facial features remained almost the original look, new leaves on their appearance is still relatively confident. After everything was settled, he nodded toward the NPC.
“player image confirmation, named for the role players.”
“leaves.” This is actually a good early thought.
“player leaves, whether immediately enter the game?”
“Of course.”
“I wish you a happy game.”
“ah ……!” is a burst of white light, a new leaf in the NPC smile, at the foot of an empty feeling, screaming and lost consciousness.

opened his eyes, new leaves, the leaves from now on, he found himself in a dense bamboo forest, surrounded by tall emerald green bamboo, a gentle breeze rustling, very elegant. Leaves excitedly stood up, accidentally stumbled, throwing himself on the ground, “Ah …… How does seem to hurt?” Leaves a little surprised, looked down, what is this …… this fluffy? Raised his hand, it looks like a bear’s paw thing …… what is it? Also, this is a black and white hair …… how ah? Flurry, the leaves in a bamboo forest whispered lament. “How do how do they taught …… boss found something we should not understand …… secret GM?!” Appeared in the dawn of life, leaves adjust posture, looked up, yelled: “secret GM ~ ~ ~! “
“Hello, I am a GM thick, for your service.” air came a sweet female voice, “players have a problem?”
“ah …… Hello, I want to ask, my body hair is how ah? And this hand, this is the paws do? me ……”
“Please wait,” female paused, the voice seemed to suppressing a smile came over, “the player leaves choose Orcs, assigned by the system, get the race …… panda family. This is the state of your beast.”
Panda! ? Leaves jaws dropped to the ground. “Is, why is the panda ah? I did not say to Panda!”
“half-orc specific race is the system randomly assigned, you are assigned is the panda.”
“is not it …… is actually Panda ……” leaves very sad, “Do I look like pandas have always been?”
“Of course not, half-orc in 10 states before the beast will be maintained after 10 can change the image of the two.”
“It’s still Okay, do not become a big deal after the panda.” greatly relieved, leaves in the air and bent at the waist, “Thank you!”
“Oh, Oh, Oh, you’re welcome to see you so politely, to remind you about the good, before 10, you can only stay in this piece of bamboo you, waiting for you to go to the eastern Terai 10 city it, there is the most popular place nearby. called me after what happened right there, your other information in the system which can be seen yo, meditation ‘system’ on the line. “
“Thank you, thank you, you’re good!” leaf grinned, but unfortunately in the way now becomes bared teeth …… “Yes, and I like the panda family how much ah? both in this piece of the woods yet ? “Those are my brothers trouble ah.
“This …… you know, the number of pandas is quite rare thing …… So …… there seems …… so only one of you Ha ha ha ……” GM thick hollow laugh, to see the leaves turn Dengyuan his eyes, quickly comforted, “This is not a very good thing rare ah ha ha …… I’m gone!”
“Do ah ah ah ……” bamboo forest, a panda screams echoed ……
sad for a moment, the leaves perk up again. After all, is his first time playing online games, ah, how can a little frustration because so give it up! What does that 10, over 10 is also a hero of the! Waved his hand …… just palm leaves meditation, “the system.”
Players: Leaves
Race: panda family
Rating: 1
Experience: 0/50
blood: 100
Magic: 10
capacity value
constitution: 10
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 1
Agility: 1
dexterity: 4
savvy: 8
lucky: Invisible
charm: Invisible
this …… how to say it, leaves the panda for this list, and basically only read part of the above, that part of the following, which is what they attribute points mean count of garbage, he is completely understand The matter, however, see themselves less blood and magic that a zero gap, but also understand that he is the practice of feeding the soldiers.
“Good! start leveling it ~” belligerent decision leaves a big, looked up, looked …… legendary upgrades that can help me where cute little animals? Tears ……
quick to cry out four leaves in a bamboo forest walk, walking most of the day did not see a living thing, and my heart is a desert. Bamboo shoot angry, raising his hand to the side of the leaves shouted: “This also allows people to live ah!” “Bite the player attacks the leaves of bamboo strange success” leaves a moment, then raising his hand slapped down,. “bite. players attack bamboo leaves strange success.”
“turned out to be playing bamboo ah ……” leaf embarrassed scratched his head, raised his hands, forced the Paipai Pai, bamboo roots down in the third, when the leaves finally heard the angelic voice notification system ” Players kill bamboo leaves strange, gain experience 20 player leaves the upgrade. “
“good friends ~ ~!” open system single look, and sure enough, his own rise to 2, and it is also more than a little free distribution of attribute points. Did not consider how the leaves directly to the number of points added to the constitution, continue to struggle! I shot I shot my Paipai Pai ……

“I ~ 10 ~ grade ~ la ~” accompanied by loud howl, leaves with the same speed to fly toward a nearby water source, and sure enough, rose to 10 in just the moment that he became a successful man type, the water, and when printed set yourself down like face. But the head more than a pair of black bear ears, set off by white hair especially conspicuous …… “okay, at least not see it is a panda ears ……” Open the system again and found his information becomes:
Players: Leaves
Race: panda family
Level: 10
Experience: 25/1000
blood: 190
Magic: 10
capacity value
constitution: 10 +9
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 1
Agility: 1
dexterity: 4
savvy: 8
lucky: Invisible
charm: Invisible
garbage novice clothing: +1 constitution, defense plus 10 Durability 10/10
garbage novice knife: Strength +1, attack plus 10 Durability 10/10
garbage novice Shoes: +1 agility, speed, plus 10 Durability 10/10
red syrup: 150 Number of 10 can restore blood
blue potion: to restore the magic number of 10 150
“Hey …” Although the name did not sound that still leaves the fastest equipment on the novice suit against the mirage turned a circle, raised his head proud of our adorable panda toward the rising sun direction, goals – Terai City!
roads leading to the city Terai only so a no fork in the road, so we do not have much sense of direction

Canada Goose Outlet Store 66ahCNC

He re-injured ah well, I do not know how to do ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ I’m afraid he would die ┅ ┅ Lodi, Sidi, I’m so scared ah! “

“Mom, do not cry, we’re not coming?”

“Well, Mom, please do not cry, what a woman, you will cry.”

Susu and Yuekai They looked blankly two teenagers softly comfort with Pinger, occasionally looked helpless smile on their exposed.

“You look as if they are twins, and it seems very young thing.” Yuekai confused said.

“Yes, twins, yes, and you pay attention to see their long hair and violet eyes and Los exactly like it.”

“do not know if I got it wrong, they just seem to petit Apple ┅ ┅ mom?”

Pinger finally slowly stopped crying, Lodi around her, with the side to Sidi Susu they came.

“cracker, Yuekai,” Pinger hands clutch each one, “This is my son, Lodi, Sidi.”

“your son?” 岳凯 staring almost as high with his twins.

“They ┅ ┅” Susu also Zhengleng watching them, “How old?”

Lodi grinned, “thirteen years old.”

“thirteen-year-old?” Susu cried, “No, how can there be so tall thirteen truth ┅ ┅ thirteen years old? apples! We only twenty-nine years old, you ┅ ┅”

Pinger embarrassed giggle.

“Apple!” They shouted in unison, so she blushed faster on fire.

“No way, Mom dumb, and early on was father to  group of people F.” Lodi teased.

“I behold,canada goose outlet, a mother own lust big move, Dad can not stand the temptation.” said Stephen also mischievous.

Pinger two palms to head a shot, “Nonsense! you in the end you want to see my father?”

“Dad’s point of view is the thing.”

“Come on then.”


Pinger 站在房门口 looked toward their twin beds on both sides, they knelt at the bedside holding hands in Los burning hands, staring in disbelief Los sunken eyes, thin is not a human face.

“Dad, are we, we see you.”

Los eyelids quivering after rising up slowly, his eyes glazed slack, staring blankly upward.

“Damn! that damn bastard father actually put something like this, damn it!” Sidi teeth cursed.

Lodi refrained sad, still softly cried, “Dad, I’m Lodi, Dad, can you see me?”

Los turning dull eyes, seems to be trying to see the speaker.

“Dad, I’m here, you see?”

“Luo Di ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅”

“I, father, Sidi also.”

“Di Adams ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅”

“Dad, we have come, you can relax.”

“Here danger dangerous ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ you quickly bring you to your mother ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ mother left ┅ ┅” he said unstable atmosphere,cheap canada goose.

“I think mom could not let us take her away, put you here, right?” said Lodi incredible.

“take her away with ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅”

“Sorry, Dad, that’s impossible, none of us will leave you half a step.” resolute Lodi Road.

“You ┅ ┅”

“Do not get angry, Dad, do you think, even if we have to stay here and take your mother, do you think mom can not tolerate long hair Biao, even suicide? tragic love you Mom!”

Los difficult to say: “I do not know know what else ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ hold more than I do how long ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ not want her to see me watching ┅ ┅”

“Shut up, Dad, you do not die so easily, the two of us are not allowed, do not forget, you have not told us yet a winner.”

“A promise me ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ as if I am dead, dead ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ care of her ┅ ┅”

“Damn! Edition v. you, you will not die!” Sidi bite back tears Rude said.

“Dad, do not say, you will not die, you know? you, do not, will be dead!” Lodi, but could not stop the tears shed as burst-like, “rest, Dad, hurry keep a good body, we go home together, six aunts are very worried about you, you’d better hurry back so that they look better. “

Los watched them for a moment, just closed his eyes and sighed.
they wiped sweat from his face, and then pulling the sheets to cover him until he seemed to fall asleep, only to let go of his hand and stood up and left the room.


“If I catch that bastard, I am not put him to pieces, fell bone dust, Wumafenshi ┅ ┅” Sidi stop sitting on the couch muttered.

“Sidi, Sidi.” Lodi frowned cried.

“What do you want?”

“to find ways around the house located in some Dragnet.”

“lethal or non-lethal?”

“whatever you want.”

“That is a fatal.” Sidi sneered out of the gate, “give them a little color to see!”

“Can environment generally villa near me explain?” Lodi asked looking at you, “I have a good plan about how to use our limited number of defense staff here until my dad could act so far . well, Susu aunt is best not to go out alone after anyone to track you are a breeze, and then is ┅ ┅ “He took out a pen and paper from the backpack, hurriedly wrote some words on paper, “Please note this information as soon as it is published in the major reporting on, so Dad can guard Johnny Hamlet and rushed over to help.”

“listen to you, Lodi, is it?” Susu loved watching him, “there are leaders in the wind young age, may grow up incredibly. apples, hello what a blessing.”

“I know, I know,” Pinger sad smile, “If Ross can quickly get better, I’ll be happier.”


“Please lock up.” Bo Tianxiang sitting on the bed, his face solemn of Los twins told Road.

twins as one, Lodi walked up and asked: “Dad what’s wrong with you?” lock the door after Steven also told over.

Bo Tianxiang eyebrows entangled into a ball, “Your father’s wounds after several split, stitching, never been able to heal, plus can not be fully convalesce, and now has begun to rot, and I must sepsis before the carrion cut off. “

“then hands ah.”

“The question is,” he uneasy look lethargic Los glance, “I have been in the case of anesthetic his wound dehiscence gradually ran out again.”

“ah got to think of ways to go.”

“Too late,” 柏天翔 sighed, “You should know that in Taiwan to obtain narcotic drugs is not so easy, but Los ┅ ┅ he could not wait any longer and must be done immediately, otherwise once sepsis indiscriminately on constructive criticism saved. “

“Your opinion is to say, Dad ┅ ┅” Lodi fear stared at him, “must be in the case of surgery without anesthesia ┅ ┅ dig dug his flesh?”

Bo Tianxiang reluctantly nodded helplessly.

“! God” Steven muttered: “?! how he would not be affordable for ordinary people, not to mention his body so weak now ┅ ┅ he absolutely can not bear.”

“But do not do so, at any time may be complicated by septicemia.”

“But it is possible that surgery midway, he would bear and ┅ ┅” since birth has always been a strong confidence in Lodi for the first time tasted helpless fear, helplessness taste of why the hesitation, he looked down at his amazing shaking hands and he looked up he saw a vision of Sidi escape.

“Do not look at me,” Sidi Dodge voice shaking with tears, “you are the boss, you decide.” in this most vital, the most terrible moment, he finally enshrined in Lodi willing to Big Brother.

“boss?” Lodi even pretend not to come out with a wry smile, “I’d rather I was old, who can replace him bear the pain.” tears running down his cheeks and down, gently stroking Los Douzhuo Shou thin face “Dad ┅ ┅”

Sidi slowly knelt at the bedside Los grasped the hand, “Dad, you can not do this, I have not told you yet ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ah I love you, Dad!” Lodi also tears Chouchouyeye Road.

“Dad, I love you, you hear? Dad!”

Los Sidi hand is held in the hand suddenly moved.

“Dad?” see the opening and closing of the Los lips slightly, Lodi busy Fuer listen.

“heard ┅ ┅” Los slowly opened his eyes, lips a hint of faint smile, meet and comforting to say, “I love you, you ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅” he gasped, “moving ┅ ┅ hand it! “

“Dad!” twins looked at each respective air suction the mouth.

“I promise you answer ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ to your mother and your mother, you ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ I will try as much as possible to go very very ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ must never give up easily ┅ ┅” twins do not have to make any might make them regret for life choices, Los made a final decision.

Bo Tianxiang start preparing surgical instruments, Lodi yarn into a ball so that Los bite leggings, then got into his lower body pressing, Sidi sitting bedside stay locked his hands.

in Los nod, the Bo Tianxiang twins began to let this life, life after life does not want to encounter the most horrible, the most painful experience.

Los struggling twist, twitching spasms,canada goose jackets, coming out through the gauze group moaning wail, his eyes wide open painful, can be clearly understood from the eyes to see the pain unbearable. Twins tight Yaoxia Chun until bleeding is not conscious, they watched his father suffer the pain is intense biting, crystal clear obliterate see him moaning wail and suffering breathing.

Gu Bo Tianxiang no next focus on his work, turned a blind eye to the suffering Ross, he must be so, he must be put to work once completed, can not let Ross once again bear the same torture.

then Los body stiff, fainted.

“Dad ┅ ┅” twins sobbing.

But soon, Ross has been pain woke and began his agony. Thus, Los repeated fainting, and then the pain woke ┅ ┅ “Dad, live support, Dad, think about Mom, hold on ah, Dad ┅ ┅”

“Dad, you have to hold on, if you go, Mom never live in, Dad, almost ready, almost ready ┅ ┅”
surgery near the end, in addition to intermittent twitching spasms, Los almost nothing happened, he has all the physical overdraft, his eyes began to discolor, than into the air outlet, can not even hear the groans are subtle, biting him mouth gauze is also covered with blood, seeing he does not survive the fast.

“Boer Shu, can you hurry up? Dad does not seem right.” Los panic sleeves forced to wipe his face tears, wanted to take a closer look.

Bo Tianxiang not stop the hands of the movable member, said: “I stitched a little wordy!.”

“Listen, Dad, Boer Shu said soon Well, you can not throw in the towel at this last moment ah!”

Los breathing is no longer obvious, the twins only careful attention to his chest, before they can see the vague fretting, and fluctuations apart very long time, as if his mind was still slowly activities, and occasionally also remembered lung need air.

“Okay!” Bo Tianxiang finally called on a big breath, straighten the waist announced.

“Well?” the father of the twins looked surprised though weak, after all, there are still ups and downs of chest breathing.

“Now ┅ ┅” Bo Tianxiang looked about the twins seem tall, thin, but in reality strong Jingzhuang body, “you are the type B blood, right? If yes, a man pumping five hundred cc to you Dad should be no problem, right?”

twins scurried nod.

“well, again is if nursed his body, let him recover. remember, he never moved again.”


and Susu sitting together on the sofa talking old stories of 苹儿 surprised eyes looked red and swollen twins out of the ward, “how do you?”

two spontaneously rushed her arms like a baby crying, “Mom, Mom ┅ ┅”

“how?” thought Los ward, Pinger can not help but face became pale, “is not your father ┅ ┅”

“No, Dad is very good, but we ┅ ┅”

“We miss and Dad fight when ┅ ┅”

“Mom, we love a good love good dad ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅”

“We love you and Dad, really, do not lie to you ┅ ┅”

“Okay, you two,” Pinger funny watching the twins never had a long cry like a baby, “and your dad Well, not always, and he talks back, mischief is true.”

like twins like two good little shook his head, “not anymore, not anymore.”

Really? She thought.


whether it is not true, from that day on, the twins took care of all of Los work and even allowed Pinger intervene. They cautiously, dedication, a tremendous amount of service Lowes, dressing, sponge bath, feeding, including Ross’s urine, they relied on the clean-up.

Pinger and Susu father and son standing in the doorway watching the room three.

Sidi sitting in bed, his left hand holding the Lowes, right hand holding a towel to gently wipe the Los mouth from time to time.

Lodi left hand holding a chicken, a small right-hand scoop Banchi leaned Los lips, “Dad, do not Zhang mouth too much, a little gap enough.” He very slowly pour the chicken Ruluo Si’s mouth, then down spoon, Los gentle massage of the throat, “Dad, swallow, Dad.”

Los occasionally slightly open blank empty eyes, immediately and close the.

brothers patience surprising, a small bowl of chicken soup to feed nearly a full two hours, they always whisper, gentle movements, “Well, Dad, you sleep little, a little later more “Sidi gently put Lowes, drink a little to help her cover was the bow, turned on the recorder, soft music stemming the flow Amberpack. Sidi moved to the side of his father’s hair, holding a comb gently comb, “I’ll be here with you, Dad.”

“Mom, Dad has Sidi accompanied on the trip, we go out.” Los launch Pinger and Susu softly, quietly closing the door.

Los hugged 苹儿 sat on the sofa, “Susu aunt, you really put out the message published?”

“Yes, you can ask Yuekai he saw.”

“strange,” frowning slightly confused Lodi Road, “Is the message wrong? Yeah ah, Dad taught very clearly, is that right, how they still have not to?”

“They will not be out of trouble, right?” Susu asked.

“ah, it may be that ┅ ┅

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Grandpa is this not dare talk back, because my grandfather bad temper, they did not dare touch those junior to him, many years, have become accustomed to. But my heart really angry, on the front of Chunhua said: “! Chunhua, you help me look at my sister and I went to ask the doctor,” she said, leaning heavy beads to pull a handful of flowers, to advance inside the house , then ran toward the front door, blink of an eye shadow.
Chu Shen Chunhua was originally to be held on the results Chunhua was gone, and she almost threw a somersault, stare straight gas, want maid that was intentional.
“Chunlan how about it?”
Shen Blessed standing on the door asked, though not too concerned about his granddaughter, but now home to the already chaotic, and added this amount, do not even mess. And this man hurt, hurt to see the doctor, but please take a silver case, always ask the severity of injury, preferably a little light.
one out in the Sun Chunxiang, on top of those Chunlan pinch two, Chunlan leisurely wake up.
“Dad, Chunlan woke up and wanted to be all right. Chunxiang that Nizi run? run so fast to do what? This man has nothing, please use the doctor do? have to spend money!”
now they do not have the separation, which Chunlan injured or hurt Shen Chu’s definitely spend the money of the public.
flowers,canada goose outlet, looked on from ear Chunlan flow out of the blood, heart, some fear, think that ears bleed, and will not be deaf off? Mother actually said nothing, even the doctor did not want to ask, is really excessive, but she did not dare to speak, only in the past leaning Chunlan, to make her comfortable.
Chunlan this time completely awake, she felt pain in the face, ears, more pain, the most frightened her was that she hurt the other side of the ear as well as sound, listen Sun talk like every other good multi-Hill, she scared cried.
“My ears, my ears could not hear, the Lord, my ears could not hear it! sore!”
“Oh, just a moment,cheap canada goose, just playing a little, cry took the liberty to do what? do not know yet that you put your little beaten aunt what of it? house was not any major event, not allowed to cry.”
Sun said, she just said nothing Chunlan Chunlan cry, she is not happy, and she wanted to make life difficult for them Zheni Zi.
“Well, you do not say Chunlan up! holds her back to the house to go!” Shen blessed snapped up a Sun,canada goose jackets, saw the face of a Chunlan, found that the above blood, face plate up, but do not really want it deaf, and that when the time Shen has a deaf granddaughter, really did not sound good, if not married, or trouble at home, but also a great son of daughter complain.
Chunlan was helped back to the house, to the flowers, watching.
Shen Chu went to the father and mother of the house, Shen Zhang side to comfort her, while her chatter. The daughter had a very assured her girl, but recently more and really naive, and she had to pull pull her. Less time to give to her child, Shen phase looked good marriage, she could not grasp ah.
maid hurriedly ran, on the road to see the Dairo Jiro, the two had just one person carrying a bundle of sticks back, saw the maid ran out of breath, quickly asked her what happened. Hear Chunxiang said Chunlan was sunk beads, and even ears are bleeding, and also fainted, two full-anxious, fling the wood to the roadside, he ran to the house, Dairo ran a few steps to stop, let Jiro Fuyuan called father and mother went to his maid, and let him go home.
Jiro nodded, then turned quickly and ran toward the east side of the river, and Dairo This Chunxiang go home, and she also worried Chunlan.
Jiro father and mother went to Fuyuan on things to say, Shenzi Fu and Wang Chunlan was a heavy bead stunned, ears bleeding, when Wang would almost fainted, fighting back dizziness, shouting cry, and ran out. Shenzi Fu also rush with out.
workshops which a lot of people, naturally heard this thing, immediately swelled, Shen really do not want this peace, then this thing is really a one ah.
Jiro did not follow the father and mother back together, but four aunt went to look, he knew four aunt there is good medicine, maybe can be helped Chunlan.
Su Zhi an out of this thing, and quickly took charge of the case, go on and Jiro.
to Shen, only one door, they heard the loud cry Wang, crying while also swore, Su Zhi pick his brows, Chunlan injury does not appear to want a light, or else such a calm Wang people would not be so rude. Jiro helped Su Zhi picked a curtain, she went in, they see little room inside, a lot of people standing, Zhang Shen Shen Blessed are yellow doctor came out, stood shaking his head at this time is sighing, ready to open prescription.
Shenzi Fu aside as silly as Dairo blue in the face, and Chunxiang Wang Chunlan beside the crying, lying on the kang Chunlan face, big eyes wide open, looking at the roof, it did not seem the same as the wits. Chunhua stood, awkward, so Sun to wander the side, and Shenzi Ping together in the corner, as if bystanders.
“Huang doctor, Chunlan How is it?”
doctor saw 苏芷 yellow, eyes lit up, said: “Shen lady came and gave a hurry to helping you quickly forget you look at it, I saw that it broke the ears, the ears after listening to this! Sound fear is not clear. This is harder ah! “
Huang doctor say very light, looked at Chunlan Chunlan heard he was afraid, he grew up watching Chunlan, this is a sensible girl, ingenuity and docile sensible, long but also very good, a little age, so many people have been thinking about it on many others to mention pro, Shenzi Fu couple never be down. Now she which if a deaf ear, after that you want to marry good people, a lot of difficult ah pity.
yellow doctor saying sounds quite small, but still heard Chunlan, she closed her blankly that has wide open eyes, tears streaming more than just rushed, whining cry.
Wang Chunlan holding the side crying: “!!!! my poor Chunlan are you bother anyone ah good to send a meal, it became like this how people can live ah.” Wang Shen now hated heart beads, she also hates himself, not always want to be thinking about their own child after Shen officer can cite Excuse me, did not learn bedroom separation out, not because of her daughter to send a meal on Shen Chu be labeled as such, they are like family also had the same ease as the bedroom, blame her, her greedy, she is now really repent!
maid jumped from the kang edge to 苏芷 side, pulled her crying: “?!! four aunt, you have another way to save my sister, my sister did not become deaf, you must not think of a way.”
Wang Chunxiang hear the words, but also to react, climb down from Kangbian, come to seize the 苏芷, crying save her Chunlan Cong to save.

third ninety-eight chapter Su Zhi shot, discussing

Su Zhi Wang to be grasping the stinging, as if to cut off, but she did not get angry, think this is really anxious Wang, Wang she comforted a little, so she let go, she went to see Chunlan Look.
Wang immediately loose his hand, let Su Zhi past.
Su Zhi for Chunlan said: “Chunlan, I am your four aunt, you first do not be sad, I’ll give you a look, and perhaps not something you go crying again so, if the injury is serious, how to cry do? Do you think you have this flow of tears to go up. “
Wang Chunlan immediately so do not cry, Chunlan out a handkerchief to wipe the tears.
Chunlan also obedient to stop crying, but still in a sobbing, she opened her eyes, looked at the Su Zhi, Su Zhi seen at her gentle smile, her heart suddenly not so afraid, but want four aunt is great, she can do out scars drugs to, but also allow students not born wanderers woman wanderers, can come up with so many good things to come, but also liked Temple beast, she must make themselves not deaf.
Shenzi Fu, Chunlan, Dairo Jiro few come immediately seek Su Zhi also must try, all of them do not want to own daughters, sisters falling disability.
Su Zhi nodded, let Chunlan sit up, she carefully watched Chunlan ears, just look outside, naturally do not see anything, but also to feel the pulse does not come out, she heard only from some of the disease to guess, Chunlan This is very typical of a ruptured eardrum, this kind of thing is not uncommon, slapping is out of play, such as Chunlan even the ears are bleeding, looking very serious. Do not say that in this ancient times to give her a half-baked doctor saw that give doctors see also estimated irrecoverable, unless there is a panacea.
Fortunately, Su Zhi, though not doctors, but they are the elixir elixir.
Su Zhi want their own medicine even broken bones can heal, that rotten meat can not leave scars, a broken eardrum, is estimated to be, she’s still a great grasp.
Wang look 苏芷 read, anxiously asked: “?? four siblings, how kind you have another way to cure my Chunlan do.”
a roomful of people are watching Su Zhi, in addition to Sun, other people are better able to hope Chunlan ears.
Sun in the side, said: “Sister, you do not embarrass the four siblings, she was some good medicine, but that is done according to the prescription of the child, not necessarily the case you will be able to cure this one forced her ears. She refused embarrassed you, casually with a prescription, then Chunlan ears to the whole rule is broken, it may be bad. By the time of our money, but regardless of the. “
Sun here say such discouraging words, money is also mentioned, as it seems more than reluctant to allow ward who was very angry, all staring at her.
Shenzi Fu usually good-natured, almost no women and the family dispute, this time also angry on Sun, said: “You are a little far away is to spend money you do not spend your less discouraging words!!! “
Dairo Jiro also staring Sun, Chunxiang more razor said: “Three aunt or go back to the house, I see you are not the face of the wind, to leave a scar less time, you can not! blaming our heads. well, best not to medication, especially four aunt medicine, if your face is more to the rule is broken, it is not good! house is not going to give money for ! ” Sun glare Chunxiang
gas, which fights to fight her face flower is ugly, to 苏芷 go to the drug, 苏芷 said no, and refused to give her, but her mad.
Sun Shen Blessed stare at, said: “! old three, and if you all right, go back to the house to recuperate.”
Sun Listen father spoke only Staveley, wriggled lift the curtain went up, out the door groaned let not forget the flowers, dying out.
Sun this gloating gone, all those people who are looking to Su Zhi, I want her to nod, say Chunlan can cure this wound. The Su Zhi also nod.
“I give medicine to open, try, probably 90% healed, but the medicine I’m going home to do, when I come to deliver, maybe you get, all right.”
Wang heard that almost cried, took Su Zhi’s hand kept thanks, she wanted to own these four siblings also previously hidden in mind, there really is not, at this critical time, still have four siblings shot to help, and two of their own home to earn money, but also most of the four-room refers to the way a couple of recourse. Cheng’s own situation is really too much, but always care about, so certainly this is retribution to the head of the Chunlan daughter!
another ward also kept a few people thanks.
Su Zhi stopped their thanks, that is to go back to the pharmacy Chunlan.
Wang did not speak, Dairo Jiro Fuyuan said to follow back together, preparing the first time the drug to get it back.
苏芷 did not deter Shen blessed and 沈张氏 not care, the doctor came out and yellow together, Dairo Jiro followed, followed 沈子富 sent out.
Shen blessed face black, think it Koyasu wife really do not understand the rules, in front of the yellow doctor this outsider, not left him a little face.
Shen Zhang’s face does not look good, she wanted it to Lee Shenzi An old woman couple really so short, it unpopular with her yet? This is not either Chunlan hurt, they do not enter the house? So if you keep going, do not become the enemy of the? ! In case of any accident one day and then really let them find out the truth, is not to take her to the official to give that dead woman for life?
blessed and Chenzhang Shi Shen look bad, they see Chunlan right, out of the house, back to their regular church go.
Wang grandfathers and grandmothers looking back, his face black sink, she has never been such resentment grandfathers and grandmothers, she wanted to own this home in order to pay so much, as long daughter, even if there is more dissatisfaction will swallow just want to make their own children and her husband had better, but now? They had not as it points out the four-bedroom house is good, at home, there is no lift and three bedrooms as well as sub-sub-sister too comfortable, her figure in the end is what to? ! Is it just looked at her daughter being labeled deaf yet? !
Wang Chunlan maid’s face looking at the eyes, the sleeves are pulled her to comfort her, the comfort it does not matter, she had two daughters watching, especially in the face of a red hand print Chunlan, tears fell down .
“Mother is wrong, all wrong, your mother!”
Wang mouth softly said, pulling Chunlan Haruka hand tears.
Chunlan maid crying today, this thing really happened too sudden, is simply an unexpected calamities, and now a man has severe heart jump.
Shenzi Fu came to see her daughter dissolved in tears, his heart is an acid, own daughter has always been strong and stable, as well as eye, had never been so fragile, her daughter is also very sensible, never crying, now they three cried together, really make him a man can not stand it.
“You do not cry, crying eyes bad. Chunlan, it still hurt you, you have just four aunt said, and more crying poor. Chunxiang, persuade your mother, you do not follow crying. talk Today, in the end is how is it? how your aunt will be small hands? you talk about. “
maid put what happened today said, Chunlan beside nodded, indicating Chunxiang said yes. Wang heard the angry, thinking: Well, my daughter to be a rice side in the past, the decline to a good’s Speech, was also marked by a slap in the face! How do you sink so delicate beads, my daughter Wang would so much like how the grass roots up!
“Chunlan her father! this thing I have to go, and the father and mother have a say! we can not let this girl slapped Baiai!” Wang said
down from the kang, went straight to the main hall, Shenzi Fu anxious, quickly let the maid optimistic Chunlan, he followed the chase out.
Wang to normal, to sink blessed and 沈张氏 discussing, usually she is certainly not so straight punch to it, the daughter was playing today, the attitude of laws that let her down, and she not like that care, and the true nature of her usual full-put out. Be careful with her before, that did not want to offend her in-laws, to be held later against Shen child can get back on. Now she does not feel like it rely on their own to come home to work really hard, so we become less tolerant of.
“eldest daughter, you say What kind of words?! elders called How to apologize to the younger generation the truth? Chunlan Pearl just hit a slap in the face, now is not it free? What do you care about?”
Shen blessed to see the usual big respectfully to his daughter so with a straight face talking to him very unhappy, he does not think Shen Chu played much Chunlan thing, if true to play deaf, perhaps will feel some trouble, but now Chunlan wounds can heal, he does not feel a bit of guilt. In his heart, there are the parents of the children’s life, this granddaughter’s life, that is his, and he said nothing and that is all right!
Shenzi Fu heard that, usually a man so honest, and also some upset.
“Dad, no matter what the? Chunlan almost on deaf! Had four siblings, she may later ruined! Pearl Chunlan no reason to play a slap in the face, even if she did not apologize, she should also look at the past , say a few nice things! but she had been hiding, which is what

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Take in a Lvpao old,cheap canada goose, is impressively Biying.

other three, it is a middle-aged man wearing a robe Confucianism. Xia Yi wearing a colorful middle-aged woman,canada goose jackets, and a fine appearance, wearing a bloody robe Yingmu Han.

four curtains in all silently watching the scene, calm look abnormal, and no talk of meaning.

half a day, piercing sound of the desert at the edge of a ring, a flash of light emerged out of the grain, and the approximate speed of terror Teleport, a flashing rear. On the one into the desert.

came almost immediately following, a group Rainbow clouds are fleeting horizon now, and from man came cold voice:

“this time you really angered me and I trick to this cat-and-mouse began to get tired, and on the end of the game it today.”

Carter, Rainbow clouds in a loud roar, actually turned into a seven-arc hot pursuit into the room.

both an escape a chase, the one across the desert on the half Zhanchagongfu area, came to the center.

crystal light in front of a convergence, emerges out of a whole body white centipedes and eight wings of a beautiful woman wearing a silver Gongzhuang in the coldness.

place a roll after huge centipede. For a young man in white on the face of India’s gold and silver tattoo.

young pale exception. Coming out of the side of a moment,canada goose outlet, then back to the rear I looked away immediately.

soon as I saw the void behind Charlie. Thunder crashed and now together, the two stopped at the lasing.

six wings a reduced pupil, unconscious body of a retreat behind the coldness flash, eight approximate transparent wings flashed again now, we must continue to escape into a giant centipede again.

Just then, a sudden rumbling sounds between heaven and earth, the earth quiver, an invisible suction roll out from deep underground.
Rainbow Thunder shocked, it was a surprise given this power in the air, and emerged a sickly young man wearing a black robe.

is true fairy who came into the world ‘Ma Liang’.

beneath the desert, dense colorful beam of light from the sand in ripped out, straight into the window.

earth shaking, and one can not beheld a circle at the end of the super slowly emerge from the ground, which Chi Chi sound a loud, crowded road disciples appeared out of the blood, and what form a mysterious battle, started using the circle of super- Emboldened force recited from the hands of the instruments used.

then suddenly a bright sky, like an invisible layer veil ban if flashed off after a great light enveloped the entire sky suddenly appeared out of the array.
slowly beneath
direction of a pressure, an alarming fluctuation immediately filled the void between.

black robes Youth Language middle of the circle of the two mammoth, well looked like ants in general exist.

At this time, the air light flashed array of shadows, twelve channel Mahayana bird blood was gushing from a then a blur after about four weeks in the black robes of the youth.

whole far apart, looked coldly its stop.

was set in mid-air black robe youth, the face of this amazing sight did this did not panic, but looking gloomy unusual sweep around the eye, the surface Rays roll, tear came a shrill, the body was restored immediately normal.

“You Danzaibuxiao, dare I set up an ambush set, what so many people out of the hand, appears to want me to fall in this up.” facing the world of two young black robes array and so many Mahayana, but sneer said. “Well, you dare blood sacrifice on the continent million souls, is today the day, it should also be somewhat expected.” One flesh enveloped by clouds of Mahayana, snorted said.

“I really expected a bit, did not think you could even collude together and the two of them. Ye Hao, this kill the already tired of the game, you back off the post, I will personally the reason out the two of them. “Young black gown looked Seraphim two have quietly retreated toward the distant glance, faint.

“big tone seems he is the sight of coffins tears, why and which Xiongmo nonsense, and do it!” Another one barefoot Zaoyi old man, but two pages of the Di soon.

Carter, this old flick sleeves, body clear song sounds, immediately dozen feijian from him a bloody mouth fly out.

other Mahayana Seeing this, a pinch each formula method also agreed, various treasures Kuangyong out.

Meanwhile, two large array sky ground buzzing sounds, emerged out of countless runes, and slowly turn the sky.

Xia bursts of light in the sky, a condensate after the formation of the side impressively huge clouds of light microscopy.

this vast piece of silver mirror surface, but after I heard the roar, there are numerous silver lasing down like rain.

circle on the ground, then a floating white balls out of the dense shadows instantly flooded into which a condensate suddenly, turned into a giant of the pole “seal” word.

“seal” the word Fang Yicheng shape.

young black robes void a move that strikes four weeks, a Unit of fluctuations in its rule comes as the center of a roll.

face these situations young black robes, but Alice’s mouth and laughed.
moment, an atmosphere of extreme terror broke out from the body, while the surface of a root Zijin chain Suddenly emerged out suddenly flash, release all the glaring light pole.

entire desert center of a dark, funnel-like world of strength all go mad rush to a certain point.


the edge of the desert, do not know when in the air more than a man a mask, it is too much blood on the door of the elders bone Xiao Ming.

hands and recite his original standing air, but an Armageddon-like atmosphere away from the pole broke out, his face suddenly changed.

“world big fuss, even law also locked this person does not seem to use that treasure really is not.”

Xiao Ming with the idea of ​​God burst induced fluctuations in a distant, somewhat dignified muttered twice.
Carter, he a mouth, spewing a yellow ? saddle blanket wooden anchor Laois basis?

This reel rolling a turn in front of his body, vertical and slowly opened an exhibition, revealing a pair of desert terrain map.

this map Desert shape, impressively and generally goes in front of the desert.

Xiao Ming is just silent in front of the map with your finger a little, suddenly the thing in front of shocked, had seemingly dead general painting alive desert suddenly look like creeping up.

The Echoing this, the entire desert in force for one strange effect, surface sand began to roll in some crazy sky laws.

“the wind.”

Xiao Ming in the hands of a law must change the picture again directed at the immediate point of Di soon.

suddenly figure at the edge of the desert, after a burst of distorted blurred, emerged out of a faint plume of Huang Wu, and began slowly wafted into the sky look.

the same time, Xiao Ming fluctuations along the front, a round yellow ? elf Tobe  emerged out of thin air, and suddenly the sky turned into a track hurricanes, more and more, and next to a row.

not beheld the top of the wall a yellow ? tanning Zhen sword? immediately turned from.

while the same scene in the entire film to emerge out of the edge of the desert at the same time.


Xiao Ming sleeves flick, a reminder of the law must not hesitate.

suddenly all the wind whistling large wall starting from the center toward the desert roll away in all directions, with clouds of sand from a fog, and getting up.

. o

Sin came into the world the true
eleventh volume 2380th chapters masterpiece Xiongwei

down from a height overlooking the square, yellow walls have winds of the order of a layer of wind billowing yellow curtain, shrouded in the entire desert all of them.

Xiao Ming sat down cross-legged in the distance, eyes slowly closed, hold hands pinch tactics, began quietly pushed in front of the reel.

golden tower, the curtains were all of the scene to yellow ? tanning onyx relieve withdrawal? never see any scenario desert.

wearing a gorgeous colored Xia Yi woman a Seeing the situation, frowned, and finally spoke:

“Jade brother, Xiao Ming fellow utilized is the blood of bone town of cases treasure yellow wind drawing. heard so much about this treasure even in the spirit world Tien treasure also ranked no lower, and now once cast even the concept of days mirror directly obscured in the outer, really deserved reputation, but now began to use this treasure, is not as early as some. Hsiao Ming Daoyou bit too careful, right. “

“Hey, in the hands of Xiaodao You matter indeed is the famous yellow wind map. usually worshiped in this matter is the founder of the Church of blood bone doors, only encounter enemies, will be out several elders together please, and pay with one used to be the enemy. fact that this treasure has been arranged well in advance, and that this figure Xiongmo which is turned from the desert, and now it is official just excited Bale As Xiaodao You are too careful, the seat would think could be so decisively pushed this figure, but added a sound of the policy, after all, is no trivial matter that Xiongmo a supernatural, heaven and earth are now two arrays and wind map while trapped under the yellow and wanted to truly foolproof. Pitt brother, do you think? Hey, Bristol brother look too good, does not have any feelings? “wearing a robe Yingmu Han blood, explains two later, he suddenly took a strange color to Biying asked.

time Biying, eyes gazed at the front of the curtains tightly, his face is surprisingly ugly, a Yingmu Han’s words, only look back, barely smiled and replied:

“Nothing, but I do not know why. Xiongmo next just saw that the true capacity, there is a feeling jumpy.”

“Hey, there is such a thing. repair to me, such as the state, there may be some danger of certain induction. Hedao You, Mrs. Strato you two can have the same heart omen?” Yingmu old man heard her face changed, actually imposing quickly asked the other two.

“undefined status is no”

“did not like the next sensor, the sensor will not be Bi brother wrong in it.” Confucianism gown looked Biying look after the man smiled and said.

“Well, regardless of whether the sensor is wrong. below are not going to remain here, and the old lady to immediately go back. regardless of the outcome of this war, jade brother to the Union when a message on the line.” the other big Three expected Biying face muscle twitching about, suddenly uttered the words leave.

this other person have hesitated its contingent Ali. .

“Haha, Bi brother move is not too over-worried. really have any danger coming, I waited four anything about the situation in this also. better to end this war and so on, then ……”

Yingmu old man laughed, opening must be persuaded, but at this moment, near to the scene of a sudden curtain big bright sky, there are numerous glaring Jinmang ripped through the wind screen shot, all about the whole piece dyed curtains golden color.

“This is ……”

“bad day view mirror to burst open.”

surprised the crowd immediately after. Yingmu old man look out uncontrollably.

curtain shocked, suddenly turned into a mass of golden light burst really stuck two, one roll of shock immediately and scattered in all directions.

four Mahayana or sleeves flick, or a flash in front of the Rays, it will be rushed to the front of a shock wave driven and scattered.

but they looked curtains burst place, where only one side impressively broken incomplete ancient mirror, his face all have become good looks.

“how, even the concept of day mirror will burst open. jade brother, this treasure is your sacrifice refining before. should be very clear that one of the reasons for it.” Mrs. Strato look changed after a few. Asked.

“to let the concept of day can affect Taking busting open the mirror, it seems there is really a big problem.” Yingmu ancient old man stared at the broken mirror. Face volatile, there is a bit irrelevant answers back road.

This treasure was before he spent a lot of consideration into their hands, may be separated by hundreds of millions of miles away to another place directly observed circumstances, be regarded as an extremely useful Yi Bao, actually did not expect today to be destroyed so easily hearts naturally very deplored.

“from the scene view mirror destroyed before the day looking like a yellow wind there was a figure far beyond its exposure to vent out above Vaillant, that has caused this situation. Did Biying Road hunch friend, was actually really fragmentation? “Mr. He Tai is frowned up.

“yellow wind diagram but Tien treasure, plus there are two arrays of heaven and earth, twelve Mahayana complement, even still unable to control the situation there. Xiongmo in the end that cast a magical what you able to achieve such a degree?” Spirit Mrs. clouds muttered a few times.

Biying the face Silver Yin Li, standing in the same place is very silent.

“okay, I’ll send an announcement in the past, ask Xiao Ming addicts out there waitin color anything.” Yingmu old man finally remembered the way to deal with, look slightly loose said.

Carter, his single-handed a flip, hands suddenly more a white jade disk array, a finger quickly in the above point refers to a few, a pale silver text flashed now, and a vague disappear disappear.

then Yingmu old eyes glued on the front panel and hold.

a full Zhanchagongfu, still no response after the battle disks are not, gloomy old man face down gradually.

he hands the thing after a closed sky, slowly punch other people said:

“It seems that really hurt. connected Xiao Ming fellow at the edges can not seem to touch on.”

“If so, we have to do to prepare here. other fellow if it falls in the hands of Xiongmo, he is likely to be found directly here after all Biying fellow but had previously had a hint of omens, Now look at the situation in all likelihood be fulfilled in the body of this magic. “Mr. Long River spit breath, dignified said.

“Biying fellow, to this point, you still intend to go ahead?” Yingmu old man nodded, then turn the first punch Biying asked.

“I’m not going to go and I want to see, and if I hit it really Xiongmo doom, even able to hide under the covers of the moment, I can not hide Only this robbery head broken, in order to have a chance of survival.” Pitt Shadow heads coldness flash, finally resolved.

“good, although here only our four large Mahayana, but the city and town of the city as well as one hundred thousand disciples large array can be driven for us, not a war of no force. Xiongmo after previously that a war, surely it is impossible safe and sound. “Yingmu old man who is also a decisive abnormality, immediately have a clapping said.
Mr. and Mrs. Strato large
He also knew when the moment is by no means get out of, or is likely to be eyeing a strong enemy counter-all broken out, naturally there will be other opinions.

certainly never escape the support of four reasons, or the strength of their self-confidence.

although the same as the Mahayana, four of them strong strength of twelve can be far from the front of the Mahayana comparable.

four together under ourselves can easily kill these twelve Mahayana several times to go.

So Biying, who have left the hall, the men began to call his disciples and other men are busy again.

the same time, the original desert place, and now completely turned into a golden flame of the world.

a seat more than a thousand feet high golden volcano, from where they stand beneath the giant ** array torn crushed, and Breath of Fire Dragon gold from time to time.

the foot of the volcano, looming a mutilated charred bones.

altitude in the light of the huge array of mirrors, at the moment he was deep blue ice seal layer in which are like dead like could not move it.

many golden volcano in the center of a little knowledge being a giant golden high standing between heaven and earth.

giant golden Netherweave throughout the whole body, from the appearance point of view, and former youth generally goes black robe, while risking only one pair of eyes rolling golden flame, while the sporadic light blue chill.

Giants a big hand aloft, clutching a blood-red impressively huge toad.

this toad half body have been torn open, the whole body is extremely weak breath, a dying look.

The Giants are with the other hand on the blood of large toad incomplete skull, Jinxia slightest risk from flying out, it seems that in the search for something.

short time later, the Giants suddenly golden hum

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In bed. Huan Bi-handedly took faint smile to pick blue, Tsai-ping said:. “I like to serve, two and recover from it.”

mining blue do not know what she meant, had smiled and said: “Bi girl hard, but our sisters serve princes called Miss ……”

“I serve at the lady from around the age of five, these used to do the manual labor. two girls and help yourself enough.” Huan Bi smiling Having said, the tone is not dodging. Two Shu not, had looked at me.

I Landelikuai their discord,cheap canada goose, just smiled and said: “Huan Bi always serve me, nothing would come of her.” So I wan Pitt will begin serving a one slowly eat.

I had no appetite, but would eat two bored. Pointing to the table a plate of pickles and a saucer Cloud State Rose bean curd, to adopt the blue and said: “Your Royal Highness infected with a cold, presumably poor appetite, taste some light off the top of the stomach thing, these two are very good, you etc. will be sent to the princes under it. “
Blue smiled and took
mining, Tsai-ping said:. “Thank you, Miss princes of our concern.”

Huan Bi just quietly pick up the stuff, almond eyes and a slight turn for a moment to me and said:. “Early in the morning just to send the prince back to Green Hall, as today is not too late to look at what circumstances the princes are indispensable go trip, as I sent it wants. “

indoor warm ocean as Miharu, I got a bad dizziness, barely a nod, as she went.

when I wake to sleep,canada goose outlet, mostly in a groggy. However, after three 25 so that my spirit gradually improved, listen Huan Bi Speaking, Xuan Qing’s sick is increasingly heavy, high fever all day.

real early Xuan Qing Wen asked why it so seriously ill, he only vaguely, to put it less clear. I have no strength to tell him, had a good first raised his say.

this day I have eaten better spirit medicine, he leaned on the bed, eyes closed, Huan Bi will sit down with me to the light pick the herbs. Spy was no one around, I doubt many days will be asked out: “Why did he suddenly sick princes so heavy?”
Huan Bi surface, such as early morning when the frost covered the hay is so sluggish sallow color, frowned and said: “Wen adults only said a few days ago with no good rest after a cold, Miss TV drama sick a few days and then another few days and nights did not eat sleep, so the body to a Panasonic, it died on the truculent as the tiger. thus restrain a little while yet. “

I briefly pondered, asked: “? So how is the prince’s cold.”

Huan Bi low a bow, sound fine as mosquito, said: “Adult day temperature has been said that at the time, when the princes came to see Miss Buddhist temple wearing less clothes, just the weather that day was cold ……”

I smiled, then restrained smile,canada goose jackets, only eagle staring at her and said: “It was warm adults say I want to hear your truth..” My Man channel: “Huan Bi, naturally warm hiding the real beginning of my truth. So How about you, you have to deceive me? “

Huan Bi wring clothes, bit his lip look to me, hesitated and said: “Miss you really want to know?”

Blue and White Mist incense wafting in thin, light scattered in the air, filled out a shallow bergamot aroma. Such odors as people sane.

if still sleep soundly at dusk, there was one icy embrace my body, then the body is cold, like ice frost general, told me to get a hint of cool and comfortable in the heat of the Hunkui. I slow a slow air, and said: “Nature.”

Yang Qi Huan Bi Rongse micro waves, breathed seemed lost in thought, slowly:. “Miss fever that day, which may not be too hot people have started saying nonsense I end up with hibiscus Xi snow to wrap up How much cold towels also useless. Even a cold can of warm. hibiscus xi busy so I went to ask an adult to warm, but it will warm adult son called to the palace just go for the diagnosis and treatment instrument Hood went to, they can not go to the palace Please, only to come back and I will cry anxious, princes happened to the child that would bring back Jin Ah cool station, I saw the mountain went with the Buddhist temple, to see Miss like this, please go immediately Ah Jin riding a cool station the doctor to come, but then it began to snow clever happens, shut the mountain, the doctor also asked not to come. Ms. burned face flush, breath, anxious and scared to death that we have bursts. “Huan Pitt Stop a stop, then said: “In fact, the disease will miss more than a fever in the heat, no doctor was, could not find a drug so …… fever.” big red clouds from her face, hesitated to say so.

her so coy, my heart fell vaguely know, and feel his face burned in general.

I faint heat among the Fallen cold holding my people, is Xuan Qing.

Huan Pitt pulled Juanzi hands, look and look, fine sound like mosquitoes, “the princes of Xiaoyi wearing only underwear, lying on the snow, the cold after his body thoroughly and then holding the lady, so repeatedly, so Miss the heat back down. Later Xueting, princes on a cool lady was holding station. coupled Miss was always lethargy, princes almost no head clip eyelashes with warm adults with care so that repeated toil, Rao is the body is iron, also could not carry “Huan Bi see me bow silently, blush drops of blood, the busy rush protested:.” Miss assured, when lady is wearing clothes. “
I have given some thought
slowly sat up to, said: “Huan Bi, you pick up my coat come with me to look princes.”

Huan Bi urgent: “not good the whole body of Miss it, so why not go out with a cold and definitely not a?.”

I coughed, waved and said: “No to fragmentation, then the princes have kindness to me, and now he was sick with, I can not help him so minutely you know my temper, do not Zaiquan..”

Huan Bi insisted on going to see me, not good Zaiquan, had turned a piece ovo clothes out for me, and put a good hair rope, and hold a closed furnace in my arms, leaning on me all the way to the green Hall went wild.

green from where I live is not near the Church of the road, my body weak, indispensable to the rest walk, a long way to go. Green Hall is very old-fashioned, Ah Jin saw me, hung his head and said: “Lady came, princes still asleep.”

I gently nodded, whispered:. “I went to look, wait a while to come out,” asked: “? toffee come over it.”

Ah Jin shook his head: “? how back then toffee this life can not be a safe habitat concept princes body unhappy things also hide it..”

I nodded, “before telling it, lest toffee thyself.”

green synagogues sparsely Lang Lang, only a few pieces of golden teak arrayed belongings, in addition to the book or books, walls hung with colorful famous sword weapon. However, in my heart to give birth to a little diffuse pleased, really is little trace of the woman did not.

uphold sleeping with him, sick of the haggard face fragmented. A plain white pajamas, undulating sober neckline willow pattern. His brow furrowed slightly, even in his sleep, nor is it a happy look.

shallow sunlight such as yarn, a little pink color, dyed white misty fog, according Curtain across his face, there is a slight soft light, the kind of light, as if his body with one point lights . His ebony King Night ‘, dressed in white people feel increasingly like a dream.

I gently approached him. Disease a little vague memories, like a long time ago, and his tear fell on my face, the kind of warm, tactile; still this time, his cold body lying in the snow to ice my hot ill . Cold and hot melt haunts the memory in my heart open, because his presence in the long-desert heart ek first flower to.

I carried away, long case under the window with a pot of asparagus altar, if the layers of leaves Cuiyun Qingyu, slender beauty. I think it is about a ruthless plants to this perennial green, does not wither nor welcome.

he woke up, already an hour after it.

the moment he opened his eyes, burst out HuoShaoYun general surprise, he lit up the whole illness gloomy face, he struggled to get up, said: “? you come, you guys yet.”

I smile, “has been able to get up to see you, you better say it?”

He shook my hand grip, “hand still so cold.” asked:. “for how long.”

I withdrew his hand, “but an hour, watching hello to sleep, they do not want to wake you.” I asked him, “clear, what you want to drink the water?”

he almost can not believe that startled hesitated, muttered: “? what you call me.”

I slowly stood up, handed a cup of chrysanthemum tea in his hand, shallow mouth with a smile:. “clear I can call you?”

“Yes, of course!” He sat up suddenly thrust smile appearing on his long ocean Kiyotoshi Choulan face, squeezed my hand, “ nephew , I never dreamed.”

This time, I did not retract hand, only lightly said:. “worldly things, often unexpected,” I put the tea on the side of his mouth, “Junichi throat before it.”

him a sip of water, do not hurry to drink it only in the mouth, quietly looked at me, eyes Wife infinite.

he muffled tone as gentle and bright light, “today you wear white clothes.”

I looked down, who is a month long gown of white brocade, with a pale silver thread embroidery exquisite pear. I am a little shyly, light laughs: “Since into the Kanroji, no clothes up through this.” I whispered: “This is the mo aunt brought it to me, I only got to wear hand, does not know you have to wear white. “

his thick palms posted on my back, even the palm of touch, but also warm and meandering. He said, “I always believe that the heart have.”

cold wind outside the window, with a heavy cold roar like a dragon. Indoor cozy spring, I smiled at him, is also a peaceful mind with joy.

a long time, I was about as people came to help him wash, but walking outside could hear the chaos, Jin Ah Ben hurriedly came and said:. “princes, the emperor and empress Jing Fei, Hood instrument is coming”

Yuen Ling! I suddenly heard the name, heart earthquake, like countless shining in the sky with lightning, crashing one. Xuan Qing also slightly discolored, said: “The emperor how come?”

Ah Jin straining toward me a wink, I confused stood up and said:. “evaded me out of it.”

A Jin urgent: “The positive to come outside of it, we should go out and hit it!”

Xuan Qing soon calmed down and said:. “After I have an Screens couch, first behind the screen a hike it.”

me apart from anything else, immediately behind the screen to avoid, just firm, smell the faint sound of pattering emerald beads, carmine thin air, a wide Lang M channel: “Six brother of the disease, no one has come up with I talk about poetic painting. “

voice, still familiar, so suddenly without preparedness to hear, almost cold in my body. So cold, as if still in Tangli palace with his last meet, the same kind as the cold blade and pull off in an instant gripped all my consciousness. I firmly hold the screen, I just feel sorrow and grief and headaches.

is leaning Xuan Qing Jin A salute voice: “Long live the emperor gold safe.”

Xuan Ling a hold him, smiled and said:. “both sick with, but also what the etiquette arrested.”

Jing Fei’s voice is familiar, after the Xuan Qing Jian Li, but it is a very tender and sweet female voice, “Royal Highness well.”

Xuan Qing cough twice, smiled and said:. “. Huangxiong good mood today, even Hood instrument also come together to think of just how Chen Di come here.”

Xuan Ling said: “rare snow melts, Today the weather is good and they are also in the house all day bored bored because I heard you were sick, so come out to see you..” He carefully looked Xuan Qing, “who comes in sick color, but the spirit of good, red was like the spirit of cool people every happy event, like “So turn avatar Hood instrument and said:.” Yun Rong, you are now bound by the fall, the former renowned Shihai calls out ‘six cousin’, holds many lessons I heard the words of the children do not fall. “

Hood instrument hush smiles: “I did not know what to make fun of the emperor and now is the emperor’s concubines Chenqie naturally put this stood first, met six princes should keep the ceremony monarch of the country, where can only be called ‘. Cousin ‘it. “

Jing Fei smiling and said: “Hu sister so naive, the emperor said she bound it, really wronged sister.”

suddenly a little childish sweet soft voice said:. “I heard six uncle was sick, hazy moon greeting specifically to the uncle.”

voice soft ear, my body Doudi startled, all the effort that little voice of the soul are attracted, they looked out involuntarily. The screen is made by the four primrose painted wood carvings, and four weeks to five inches wide and is all carved up the hollow.

I carefully cover the probe to look good clothes, eye clinics of the Department, about a two year old child, was King Princess in his arms, pulling two double round Jiu, Jiu each on the two pearl ornaments , a pink brocade spent shells jacket water, fine white seeds sweet little face Wuliu big eyes, black and black as two pills mercury ball children.

I only saw one, as if the body’s blood streaming to the heart, even if I have not been seen portraits of hazy moon, look at this one, we know it is my daughter. The facial features and nose, and both, like me, only the outline of the jaw, is like most of the mysterious Ling.

only hear your own heart, bang bang boom boom, what is more urgent, heart almost jump out of the chamber to the child, hazy months, which is what I care deeply about, like night and day in the hazy moon than about the jump. I have a hot heart and almost cry out.

hazy moon, I want to hug my hazy months. She was so cute.

However, I can not go out, how can I get out? I arrived on the screen tightly, trying to restrain my soon-to-welling tears.

hand side of the car Xuan Qing smiles: “hazy months, and you had better uncle hug you?” I know the meaning of Xuan Qing, his position, I was able to see the most hazy months.

hazy moon smiled and said: “uncle sick yet, not clamoring uncle’s hazy moon.” said Jing Fei tired arms in the left and right rub rub no quiet moment.

Xuan Ling laughed: “This girl shrewdness yet, and know that you refused to hold you sick, but also to find a pretext loaded with sensible Pachao How about you say it smarts and her mother Princess is exactly the same. . “

Xuan Ling had finished speaking, everyone has a moment of quiet, mysterious words Ling referred, of course, not King Princess. But Hood instrument smiles tenderly said:. “Although it is said that it usually silent Dear Sister Princess, but when talking to is not too clever and intelligent to say, or else how can it be said that knowing too much so only the emperor’s sister knows intelligent and generous, loving sister and hazy so this month Tai Ji ah. “

Hood meter tender and soft words, but added the solution of some embarrassment. Xuan Ling Fu Zhang laughed: “in the end is Yun Rong talking.” Said rope a rope over her shoulder.

Hood instrument increasingly Aijiao, said:. “Yes, it is the emperor’s concubine Yun Rong is the emperor’s cousin, even a little more intimate than the others, it will naturally be more understanding of the emperor.”

Jing Fei beside faint smiles: “Sure enough, the emperor so loved Hu sister, is not unreasonable to give her sister heard years later Yung Hua bit copies of it..”

Hood instrument smiling and said: “Dear sister joking Fei Fei Jing Tai Ji sister has a hazy moon, your natural mother with daughter, the emperor also love it very much..”

Jing Fei laughed: “sister harmony Tai Ji, Tai Ji young age, very cute, really like it enough to his sister, when they grow up must also be Meirenpeizai.”

Jing Fei and Hood instrument joking, my eyes fell upon Miriam Hood, the new darling of the so-called mysterious Ling, born only in the palace of the Queen of the overriding it. I saw her a goose Fenlian, big soulful eyes, lips noodles, also very petite stature,

canada goose jackets

he suddenly stopped at this time all the action, look back at his forbear, I can not help revealing confusion of color, “Fu Ya! not now.” He cleared his deep husky voice,canada goose jackets, my fingers ** the hair, I will press my arms. Side face close to his chest ** fiery hearts had a loss.
“I will give you a birthright, I want you to be my wife justifiably Nalan pray for.” He hugged me tightly, as if wishing I was with him blend.
and I can be his words as you promise to me? “Pray for, I ……” I hesitated, after all, did not say so.
“how do you?” he asked nervously.
I pulled a big arc of his lips, “I’m hungry!”
He looked at me stunned for a moment, then smiled. At this point I was really felt the smile in his eyes, is no longer a laughing face, God does not laugh, pale Shen strange indifference. Now, he has opened his heart to me completely.
shi and I did not pray for at Schoenbrunn broke, leaving vaguely remember when he asked me to wait for him, he said, and before long he would marry me for his wife. I still Dan Xiao without a word, but my heart knows its own bitterness, only the emperor could not let me be with him. In the minds of the emperor, has no more important than anything to eradicate the Orient House, so the emperor said to me: “Three days, if you did not disappear in the face of Mary Help of Christians pray, do not disappear in the Qi State, let I to help you disappear. “
I know that the emperor called to help me disappear, meaning – Unforgiven! He gave me the opportunity now, let me leave. But I do not understand why he was going to give me this opportunity to go away? He is not afraid and I will tell pray for more rebel cause he do?
back Nishinomiya, did not go the moon floor, but into Phi Hong ectopic. Hou asked minions Aries in 韩昭仪 palace, they said to go for a long time already. I went into the Phi inconvenience Shang Palace, hit the Han Zhaoyi things trouble. So he stood outside the palace waiting out the cold hit, but did not feel cool.
Pi-yueh shadow shaking,canada goose outlet, cold night the sound of silence oblique, Palace astringent cold hearted. Looking at this bleak avenue, so solemn.
“how are you here,cheap canada goose?”
voice still cold as ice, do not go back, you know Han Phi incense offerings from intrauterine out. He really long time to stay inside it, I have waited for more than an hour of him.
“Jinling City Guard commanding you, I want you to give me an unobstructed thing.” I do not beat around the bush, straight to the point.
“You want to leave?” he finally calm waves of sound has changed, he moved in front of me, staring me want to find the answer from my eyes.
“You do not have to ask, you just let me go.” replied he did not want to know about it the more people, there will be more dangerous.
“Why should I help you?!” funny he looked around, and finally wandering back in front of me.
“alone, I saved your life, now is your time to repay.” I try to keep the smile, the heart is also worried that he would not help me. If I’m not out of the palace, three days after the emperor is really going to kill me, I believe. The next emperor wanted
Road decree so that I can safely leave, but then I thought I also think it’s impossible, the emperor reason to disappear just to let me pray for could not find me, you can feel at ease to compete for the throne. If he got purpose does not mean that Zhaogao, PAN Yu was sent away the emperor, the emperor could not let the world ridiculed. So I came to Korea offerings to help me, and I bet the next.
He was silent for a long time, and finally sighed, took out a token from her, handed to my hands. I looked clearly states a “deep” word on a piece of tokens, this is my order of passage. Gratefully look at him, but he avoided me.
“If you leave, Han Zhaoyi how to do? her all hopes are pinned on you up.” His head down, looking at the blue marble, the sound of trance.
“If you really want to eradicate Han Zhaoyi Queen, then go to pray for it.” I looked at his face as I speak and change, he stared at me with suspicion, as if what I say as a joke. ” Tonight, I say to you, do not let anyone know, otherwise you will be very dangerous. …… all there is to see people are forbidden to leave my mouth now. “
I believe according to Han Ming’s wisdom, can understand my words. What’s more, he is Aries Hou, there Yechuang Orient House bolder man would never be chest no subtlety, no minded people.
tenth chapter rustling Snow Mei
Jingzhou Cheng Bian country
Jade twin young, Oulu scared, Guyan return.
Scholar rich, delicate coil smoke Fun, West Muyun Rubi.
I sat in the most luxurious restaurant in Jingzhou, gratuities due to the much smaller two for me to find a window located on the second floor of a quiet location, just to wait and see the whole city views. Overlapping hands placed on the table, overlooking Jingzhou four views, but more is inviting sad.
I have a month left Nanking, although nobody chasing blocking my way, but there is mind blowing lost. Subconsciously I was hoping to pray for me to find out? But he did not, and will not allow the emperor, I get more and more uncomfortable feelings of depression. The emperor wanted me to disappear in Qi State, disappeared in front pray for summer and I certainly can not go to the country, the majority where officials have seen me, may not only come Bian country. I believe that there will not be so clever when I met Citylink, he’s the prime minister of a country should stay dignified Bianjing for the emperor to solve problems, share state, and advice.
“thinking of the past, but unfortunately Fame, easy to hurt. contemplated grabbing the first song, I want to laugh also frown, most broken human intestinal.” hold my head with one hand, crooning one.
now I will go from here? Is not that in Jingzhou settled? I was not the foot fall to find a thing to do to pass the time? But I do not need the money, skim Han Zhaoyi sinking glowing pearl mermaid did not say, just before leaving Han Ming gave me a bag of gold leaf is enough of me to splurge. Now, I gave up the Zionist, but I do not know to do anything for it.
“girl, your food is coming.” small two ingratiating smile to his face, carrying a big dish carefully put on my desk, mouth dish also kept yelling, “Lotus gold fish, toad Tun coral, red buckle civet, braised bear’s paw, vegetarian cooking heart …… “
a plate of food to see me dumbfounded, just ask me a small two a la carte, I just told him to just a few signature dish, but did not expect so much on, I am a person which finished eating? Although …… my money lot.
reported yet finished his dish, a girl on the opposite side photographed wooden round table, came roaring toward us here, “small two, you do not say no braised bear paw prints, why give her on?” Sound extremely sharp, the sound pressure throughout the inn in full, all eyes focused on me with her small two is glanced at the girl embarrassed.
“small is to say, braised bear’s paw has been set finished, the girl happens to be the last one!” He tried to pay with a smile, tried to extinguish the conflict.
“out of the way, if the girl really likes, she will give it.” Besides, I also eat a dish so much, so it will launch an inch dish braised bear paw, smiling still.
looked at from the red wins fire woman, eyebrow if mountains, Yao nose Yingkou, creamy skin as delicate as water, end color for the country, but unfortunately temper too. She reminds me of Guan Du, pray for her now and get along okay? Pray for her attitude and how?
I did not allow her to remain silent retreat, but eyebrows cold Organisation, actually came towards me here, unchanging at my side, overlooking condescending to me, “You look down on this lady?”
I sigh loudly in my mind, will give her food, she said that I despise her, if I let her, she said I was given was defiant. “Girl, do not get me wrong, I have no such intention.”
“I see you have!” she aggressively pointed at my nose, anger covering the whole body. Compared Du Wan, it really is worse.
“girl you vexatious it.” I got up from the side chair, her hand refers to poke my nose, then threw a piece of gold leaf in the dark Aoki table, be it the meal. I do not want her at loggerheads over, after all, I am not a good strong hi fighting man.
small two salivating to pick up the piece of gold leaf sigh with emotion, but when I wanted to leave the shrieking cry, “Oh!?” attracted me and the girl’s eyes. She snatched gold leaf, repeated read it several times, the last touch of Guixiao pulled toward the four guards behind her and said: “Get out of the Qi State to give the lady spies arrested!”
cold gray paint, absolutely no odor, rodent cockroach four channeling. I was held in Jingzhou last major prison, was as grateful prison inmates watching soldiers marched level, I sat on the already rancid straw, dip back bone walls, tuck your hands, lamented again and again. I really did not expect, came on the first day will be treated as spies Jingzhou locked up in a prison, this is indeed my negligence. Only know Han Ming gave me a bag of priceless gold leaf, but never thought engraved on each leaf of a “Qi”, which if not carefully look really hard to find.
“Han Ming, you kill me!” This sentence I come from being caught, they keep talking about, but also blame themselves not careful, otherwise it will not be that unruly Miss – Hao Xier, Jingzhou prefect’s sister came to arrest.
many footsteps coming towards imprisoned my jail, I heard sound like a straw-like percussion my heart.
“Your honor, that this woman!” Laotou body bends to salute him, one hand still pointing to my dungeon.
my eye Dan Xiao Yang, looking at a woman outside the prison, Chi Yi Hao Xier fiery, purple light show Haojun Fei.
“Brother, I also found her to this.” Hao Xier I’ve been with that letter will be carried on the body of the memorial taken out, placed in front of him. Hao Junfei open it, the phrase “the heart of the PAN Yu Er Chen also love” repeated several times to read.
“What do you mean?” He looked at me puzzled, then looked Hao Xier, incomprehensible.
“You see it was signed into Han Qi State Nalan pray for the king, he is certainly off to her secret, confidential paracentesis wanted Jingzhou, this sentence is certainly another meaning.” Hao Xier then just finished, I laugh, laugh exceptionally frivolous, voice filled the entire cell, I saw their faces changed.
“Yeah, but off to this secret a secret mission.” me nodding and smiling. After seeing this memorial, have a mind set of the resurrection of the way, I have to take a risk it.
“What is the secret mission?” Hao Junfei hands clasped anxiously asked stakes cell door.
I smiled and said in a very calm voice, “the secret, I only told one person.” put my voice more smaller, everyone hold their breath to hear what I am going to say, “I just told Bian country’s prime minister – Citylink “!
Hao and Hao Junfei, looking a Xier, full of doubts. I do not unhurried, sounds and said: “I give you the opportunity to meritorious ah, if the spies sent to me so important Bianjing government prime minister, the court will certainly give you a great service in mind, Lianshengsanji also Zhibuding it. “I carefully watched their faces, from the initial doubts turned understood, and finally to joy.
“ah, how I did not think!” Hao Junfei laugh, and then told me to take out the head prisoners, instantly ready to enter Bianjing. This is the lure of
, who finds it hard to escape the “fame”, “wealth”, and two siblings in the fame is this important move, although I do not know what will happen after Citylink I was sent to the prime minister if the government told me, But at least this Jingzhou by jail than stay better.
two siblings he finished they would leave, I will be detained in a van and taken to Bianjing way. On my way to find an excuse to want to share all sorts of memorials to come back, Hao Xier just give me back the word “delusional”! From her tone and eyes can see that she has a lot of animosity against me, I do not understand, do I have a cute tired students face? A deep breath, looked at the way from my eyes and had Feishan scenery.
Dongfeng condensation, Indus has been cleared, Prince Rui Shaotou blossoms, Red no horse round. Chuijin Amidst the cold days, when the wax is winter dusk. Finally, after three days of back and forth, the prime minister arrived Bianjing government.
a Shenpei long knife face Hengrou middle-aged man waiting for our arrival at Fu Wai, Zhang called him listen 郝俊飞 lieutenant, should be in the hands of Liancheng act. I have not had time to speak, Zhang lieutenant then ordered the government to ban the prime minister, I charge into prison. Black lacquer cold inside, only the four corner bonfire lit, barely able to illuminate the four weeks.
time I have been firmly tied to the wooden cross, who personally interrogated by the lieutenant sheets. The Hao Hao Junfei the spectacular Xier and looked like standing behind me, and I have only five words, “I want to see Citylink.”
“is how the identity of the prime minister, did you see it appear a say in?” He pulled the sheets opposite to sit in my chair, it seems very patient to want to interrogate me.
“let me see him, I will not say anything.” And I really have nothing to say, I am not a spy said Qi State, that letter is just an ordinary memorial, they will believe it?
“Zhang lieutenant, this girl’s mouth very hard.” Wang Hao Xier sit and wait to laugh at me.
“God is not afraid of her hard!” He brought back a touch of hemophagocytic smile, said the head prisoners, “the generals get exclusive scourge!”
When I saw Laotou holding a slender flexible whip up, my face changed, because the purpose is coated with chili powder startle the whip, he was not under the whip towards me, I had the kind of raw and feeling.
“Although you do not want to tell with these Aromatic beauty child torture, but ……” He had a sudden Dan Xiao Lianqu, turned Yinhen. Whip has relentlessly beat on me, whip sound in the empty prison in exceptionally harsh, “you would not explain, I can only torture for you!”
my teeth, smothered cry, never did call exports, only to find the place first whipped burning in pain after biting insects such as Wan-like, over and over again Kenshi my wounds.
“., I do not believe that,” my reaction angered him, he raised a hand and a few whip, whip me was that even a few tortured, mind blank, only a striking word – pain!
“I’m going to see how hard your mouth.” He wants raising his hand under the whip, who brutally grabbed the wrist he was, he was going to a vicious curse, but after seeing come into pale skin , “Cheng …… prime minister!” He was anxious to immediately goes to his face cut to pieces scared kneeling.
I am unable to release the jaws clenched, very nauseous breath, but found that I had strength to even breathe pain are gone. Cold sweat from the forehead slipped his eyes, and then to the cheek, “you …… finally!” I pulled a wry smile, looking flawless look of anger Citylink, as well as his side’s housekeeper. Presumably to inform the stewards Citylink, I was able to keep this life. Slowly blurred vision, and finally becomes dark.
“Miss, you do not move.” Lan Lan put down toward the bowl filled with drugs, I was trying to climb out of bed and ran to, I want to stop the action.
“I’m fine!” has been lying in bed for two weeks, I can not stand this torment, my bones again inactive really want to fall apart.
“the prime minister explained you to rest.” She would I press back to bed for good, and then return to the table to end the drug in front of me, a mouthful to feed into my mouth.
this medicine for several weeks, I drink three times a day, bitter at first hard to swallow, eat many times have become accustomed to, do not feel bitter. Remember I was black and blue and whipped fainted, life has been at stake, even the doctors have said, shaking his head when I did not save the sigh, I was so miraculously woke up. I opened my eyes and saw that I waited at the bedside Citylink, looks haggard but still a lot of noble qualities of his quiet demeanor is completely filled with sadness. At the time I really want to grab him by the hand, he say “sorry”, but I really do not have to go the extra effort to speak, only looked at him excitedly ran out of the room and called the doctor call.
Later, listening to Hao Lan Lan said Citylink siblings exiled frontier, and she whipped my lieutenant Zhang was imprisoned in